Do prenatal human lives matter?

Confusing question:
If prenatal human life doesn’t matter, why do doctors offer prenatal care?

Follow the science:
Prenatal human life obviously begins at conception.

Lack of respect and compassion for prenatal human life devalues all human life.

There is much focus on the legality of abortion, but very little focus on the ethics of abortion.

Legality or ethics:
Just because it’s legal to kill a prenatal human life doesn’t make it morally right.

Reproductive rights?
Taking the life of a prenatal baby is not “reproductive” or “right.”

An observation, not an opinion:
The legal attempt to stop prenatal cruelty is being called cruel.

Cruelty free?
America resists cruelty to animals but embraces prenatal cruelty.

When a pet’s inconvenient, most people don’t just kill it. Surely a prenatal human life deserves as much respect as a pet.

Something else to ponder:
If somebody killed their pet for its inconvenience, would the words, “My pet, my choice?” justify it?

Just because prenatal human lives are powerless and inconvenient doesn’t mean that they should be disposable.

An irrational thought:
“The value of a prenatal life depends on the choice of the mother to be.”

Two unpopular mandates that save lives:
1) A mask mandate; and
2) A no-prenatal-cruelty mandate.

The Constitution and human life:
The Bill of Rights didn’t include enslaved Black lives and in 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson supported active, Jim Crow racism against Black lives. In 1973, Roe v. Wade excluded prenatal human lives from constitutional protection.

Some people say that only a woman has a right to have an opinion about abortion, but nowadays a man can declare himself to be a woman.

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