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Let the invisible teacher teach you

The invisible teacher (the risen Jesus) will speak clearly in the heart of the people who truly want to hear Him. Do you? When you’re being taught by God’s Spirit speaking within you, the words of the Bible will come … Continue reading

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Jesus? Active or inactive?

An inactive Jesus must be explained by sermons, but the living Jesus wants to actively demonstrate His presence. Shall we let Him? A tightly programmed and controlled church service reveals unbelief in the ability of the active Jesus to personally … Continue reading

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Church’s rubber duckies . . .

Stop playing with church’s rubber duckies. Instead, let Jesus’ rivers of living water flow from deep within you. It’s time to stop being bored with church! If you aren’t experiencing the risen Jesus in the service, go and find Him … Continue reading

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There’s no perfect church but there is a perfect Savior!

To go to JesusYou don’t need to goTo a special building.You can go to HimAny time and any place.All you need to doIs to open and surrenderYour heart to HimAnd He’ll be there! Being led by God’s Spirit,Christ in you,Who … Continue reading

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Being face-to-face with the risen Jesus

When you trulyExperience God’s graceYour heart willEncounter JesusFace-to-face. Life’s not about the circumstances you’re facing. It’s about who you’re facing! Keep your eyes on the risen Jesus. Once you’ve truly come face-to-face with Jesus you’ll never want to leave. Sunday … Continue reading

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For revival be Jesus-friendly (not seeker-friendly or Jesus-distancing)

The greatest hindrance to Christian revival and spiritual awakening is Jesus-distancing. If you’re often unaware of the presence and power of Jesus, you’ve been Jesus-distancing. Jesus-distancers do all they can to dodge Jesus but Jesus said, “Come unto Me,” not … Continue reading

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Beyond human control to Spirit control

Jesus gave up positional authority and became a servant, yet He has more followers than anyone in history. He is at the top of the authority pyramid in the body of Christ. All the rest of us are servants on … Continue reading

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Experience an actual demonstration of hearing Jesus (Zoom or in person)

An invitation to experience an ekklesia (1 Corinthians 14:26) meeting with me: You and one or more people who are hungry for more of Jesus are invited to meet with me and one or more spiritually hungry people on Zoom … Continue reading

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Christians meeting with heart-felt awareness of Jesus

Acute awareness of the risen Jesus requires much more than hearing a talk about Him. It requires direct, personal, ongoing, and interactive encounter with Him. It requires a knowing beyond head knowledge that ignites the heart with awe-filled aha and … Continue reading

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What we call church (may be off base)

Love can’t be limitedTo hearing sermonsAbout God’s love.It must be livedIn the heart-felt unityOf Jesus-focused community. The human longingFor belongingIsn’t satisfiedBy the weekly gongingOf a sermon. An hour or twoSitting thruChurch servicesWon’t glueHearts togetherIn community Calling something a church doesn’t … Continue reading

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