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Slavery/human trafficking (past or present) is evil

To be antislavery is to stand against the immorality of slavery. Slavery is now legally wrong almost everywhere. I believe that it has always been an evil thing. It violates what Jesus said is the 2nd greatest commandment, “Love your … Continue reading

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Feelings, thoughts, & desires are sometimes demonic

Many feelings, desires, and thoughts are demonic. Your conscience warns you and tries to protect you from them. Before you go along with a feeling, desire, or thought, check with your conscience. The most dangerous demons are the ones trying … Continue reading

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Freedom thoughts #1

Freedom is the ability to do what’s right. Bondage compels us to do what’s wrong. Pride and prejudice are demonstrations of bondage, not of freedom. Freedom begins within. It banishes tormenting thoughts, enslaving habits, and devouring desires. Accepting responsibility for … Continue reading

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Dialogue with Jesus leads to freedom

Some of the thoughts that pass through your mind are from God. Find them. Many of those God-thoughts, originate in your conscience. To have a personal relationship with Jesus, you have to communicate with Him. When prayer moves beyond a … Continue reading

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When the freedom to be born is randomly denied, all freedoms threatened.

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What makes America great?

What makes America great? The idea that all people “are created equal . . . with inalienable rights.” The freedom to openly speak out against injustice. And the ability to change laws as more light comes to people. I like … Continue reading

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Why “Off the RACE Track” is Patriotic

The Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag calls for “liberty and justice for all.” Off the RACE Track does too. The Declaration of Independence declares, “all men (people) are created equal.” So does Off the RACE Track. The National Anthem calls America … Continue reading

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A month of freedom (31 freedom thoughts)

A month of daily freedom thoughts to help you recover & maintain your freedom: 1) Freedom without meaning & purpose wanders in despair. 2) True freedom is the power to do right, even when you want to do wrong. 3) … Continue reading

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Making lovely places in your life

I can’t make human society a lovely place; but with Jesus’ help I can make my own mind and heart lovely places. Let Jesus’ presence & power open like a flower in your life. A flower flows with inner life. … Continue reading

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Heroes left out of Memorial Day

Are there others who should be remembered on Memorial Day? Have we forgotten about some of the world’s greatest heroes? On Memorial Day we remember those who fought with violence, death and destruction. Perhaps we should also remember those who … Continue reading

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