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God — first responder or last resort?

If you want GodTo be your first responder,Don’t make prayerYour last resort. When you say your prayers, open your heart and share your cares with God. As humans we have selective inner hearing. We can open or close the ears … Continue reading

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Spirit-led prayer can burst from your heart

The way to perceive and enjoy God’s blessings, is with a thankful heart. God created your heart so the living Jesus could live in it and direct it. Let Him. If you’ve asked Jesus into your heart, you can learn … Continue reading

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Dialogue with Jesus leads to freedom

Some of the thoughts that pass through your mind are from God. Find them. Many of those God-thoughts, originate in your conscience. To have a personal relationship with Jesus, you have to communicate with Him. When prayer moves beyond a … Continue reading

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Help & encouragement for prayerphobics

I think some people refuse to pray, not because they think God isn’t real, but because, deep down they believe He might be. That could be frightening for them. Sometimes people pray for a miracle and then try to explain … Continue reading

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Thoughts about conversing with Jesus

The longing, lurking somewhere in your soul, is a call to connect with the living Jesus Christ. Connection with the risen Jesus is comforting, encouraging, healing, strengthening and joyful. Converse with the risen Jesus Christ. He’s listening and speaking and … Continue reading

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A demonstration of praying over someone


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The Story Of “Blest Be The Tie That Binds”

In 1765, John and Mary Fawcett went to minister in Wainsgate, a rural English community, described as: “farmers and shepherds, poor as Job’s turkey; an uncouth lot whose speech one could hardly understand, unable to read or write; most of … Continue reading

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Dare to lovingly pray for Christians you disagree with

Should we pray for Christian groups that hold beliefs that we disagree with and/or that do things we don’t approve of? Jesus did. In John 17, Jesus didn’t just pray for His first disciples, “but for them also who shall … Continue reading

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Unity in Christ — The other “Lord’s Prayer”

My dad taught me the Lord’s prayer when I was about ten. He wasn’t religious and our family didn’t go to church at that time. However, I remember him standing by my top bunk one night and having me repeat … Continue reading

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Can politically, denominationally, racially, doctrinally, and nationally divided Christians ever be one?

In John 17, Jesus prayed that all of His followers be one. Today there are more than 40,000 denominations, Sunday morning is still the most racially segregated time in the USA, and millions of believers are leaving the institutional church … Continue reading

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