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10 better questions than “Where do you go to church?”

Christians need to be Christ-controlled not church-controlled. It’s much more important to focus on connecting with and staying connected to the risen Jesus than it is to join a religious organization. Teaching Christianity with sermons is like teaching swimming with … Continue reading

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Hey there! Heightened awareness is calling

Stop and be awareOf what’s inYour mind and heart.Is what’s thereTaking you whereYou need to go? What you chooseTo be aware ofCan either abuseOr enthuse.It can tear you apartOr fill you with joy. Hey there.Now I have your attentionAnd you’re … Continue reading

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When Christianity isn’t Christ-centered it’s counterfeit

Church-centered Christianity is a first step. It’s a good starting point but it’s not something to passively settle into and be comfortable with for the rest of your life. It’s vital to move forward into Christ-centered Christianity. Church membership without … Continue reading

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Comfort zone or Christ-focused zone?

The more I concentrate on Jesus the more I sense His presence and feel His power. The more I focus on and surrender to God’s Spirit the fuller my faith grows and the greater my desire and ability to obey … Continue reading

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The more I lower myself the more God’s power flows

The more I discernThe glory of the LordThe less my self-concernAnd the more I learnTo trust Him. The more I denyMyselfTo followJesusThe more ILearn to relyOn Him daily. The moreI lowerMyself,The moreGod’s powerCan flow. The more I hungerTo know God … Continue reading

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Can we hamper God?

God’s glory manifests where there’s deep spiritual hunger. Deep spiritual hunger grows where great brokenness is embraced with humility and grace. Preachers say, “Listen to me tell you about Jesus,” but you can listen to Him. When we try to … Continue reading

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Wake up and stay awake

Physically the human body requires sleep. However, the human spirit, once awakened by the living Jesus and born again as a new creature in Christ needs no sleep. Its source of life and power isn’t human biology or physical energy, … Continue reading

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Do more than “only imagine” Jesus–experience Him daily!

Christ-followers can do much more than “only imagine” Jesus’ presence. We can experience His presence throughout the day! Christians like to quote half a verse: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man … Continue reading

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“A mature follower of Jesus”

Someone asked me to describe “a mature follower of Jesus.” Here’s my attempt at that: Christianity’s about exchanging self-life for Christ-life. It’s about replacing self-focus with Christ-focus. A full follower of Jesus can boldly testify along with Paul, “the energy … Continue reading

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Spiritual growth or dry religion?

If we won’t let the living Jesus install and run His software operating system in our heart, we’re only playing with Christianity. Religious bits and rites can’t overcome the malware in the human heart. Only full surrender to Jesus and … Continue reading

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