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Opt for optimism

I think that I’m by nature a pessimist, but rationally I choose to be an optimist. I work very hard at it. Life looks beautiful when viewed thru the prism of optimism. My favorite “ism” is optimism. Will your struggles … Continue reading

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Entertainment is a poor substitute for awe

The less we welcome awe, the more we feel the need for entertainment. However, entertainment is a poor substitute for awe. The person who is not amazed by anything at all, is bored. Amusement gets old, but amazement is always … Continue reading

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Smiles to go before I sleep

I have smiles to go before I sleep.And smiles to go before I sleep. Negative emotions are often based on misperceptions. See better, feel better. Let the inner whisper of hopeful dreams grow into a loud cheer of encouragement. Open … Continue reading

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When life gets stale

When your life gets stale, set your sail to catch an encouraging fresh wind. Love unexpressed gets stale & molds. Give out some kindness today! Think refreshing thoughts; reject depressing ones. Make hope your heartbeat! Negativity will give your heart … Continue reading

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When light shines, darkness disappears

Light isn’t a function of rationality. You don’t think up light. You behold it.  Pride blocks inner light. It can’t see what things really look like. We want to convince people we’re right, but what we all need is more … Continue reading

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What’s it all about? Life’s meaning . . .

If the universe was meaningless, nothing would mean anything. There would be nothing of meaning for our mind to apprehend. However, without a sense of God’s presence, life can feel like meaningless existence. Drunkenness celebrates life as meaningless. Faith in … Continue reading

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Logical thoughts about mental health

Mental malware makes maintaining mental health difficult. Don’t just protect your devices from malware. Also protect your mind. Some thoughts produce inner peace; other thoughts wreck mental health. It’s important to notice the difference. Medication can numb tormenting thoughts but … Continue reading

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At the intersection of hope & despair

At the intersection of hope and despair, take the uphill road to hope, not the downhill road to despair. You’re alive; be delighted. Let God shine in and delight up the darkness in your heart. I’m not interested in apathy. I … Continue reading

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Need a life reboot?

When you’re continually bombarded by destructive words and images, refuse to be swept up in their raging current! Toxic people use toxic words. Hopeful people use hopeful words. When there is a system error in your heart, don’t shift into denial … Continue reading

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Search engine of the heart

Many moderns build their life on the myth of selective reality. Life goes better when you play your cards from the fact deck. There are many ways to see the same situation and a lot of them are wrong. Seek truth … Continue reading

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