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There’s no perfect church but there is a perfect Savior!

To go to JesusYou don’t need to goTo a special building.You can go to HimAny time and any place.All you need to doIs to open and surrenderYour heart to HimAnd He’ll be there! Being led by God’s Spirit,Christ in you,Who … Continue reading

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When faith transcends a one-man audible

When the Bible prophet, Elijah, challenged the people of Israel to follow God, “The people said nothing.” That sounds much like how Christianity is presented today. A preacher challenges the congregation to follow God, but the people say nothing except … Continue reading

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Time to cut and remove the brush in church!

Here’s a picture of a pile of brush I cut and stacked. Whew! I’m tired. We need to remove the brush from church and prepare the way for the Lord so that the living Jesus can open His fire hydrant … Continue reading

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Following Jesus as His ekklesia

By doing what Jesus says, we learn what He means. Hearing sermons can never substitute for daily obedience. If we’re not actively teaching people about what we’re learning by following Jesus, we will stunt our spiritual growth. When we gather … Continue reading

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The body of Christ needs no church name

The body of ChristIsn’t recognizedBy the name of a churchBut by supernatural love. Anybody canTalk to Jesus,Anywhere and anytime.You don’t needA preacherOr a churchTo pray. There’s only oneGroup of Christians,The body of Christ,Scattered thru the world. Grace:The body of ChristIsn’t … Continue reading

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Make church a support group, not an audience for a lecture

Church pumps people full of Christian ideas, but offers little (or no) daily support or accountability in living out those ideas. However, the Holy Spirit can be trusted to lead a worship meeting without a human controlling it. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Is God making church ekklesia again?

Perhaps, today, God is slowly Moving the body of Christ Away from institutionalized Christianity, Commonly known as church, Back into Spirit-led Christianity, The original ekklesia. (Take a look at: The Joy Of Early Christianity.)

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Seeing God activate regular people

Seeing God speak and work in and through ordinary people is one of my greatest joys. If given encouragement, freedom, and a platform, everyday people can share amazing words from God. Biblical Christianity is activating. It takes ordinary people and … Continue reading

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The invisible Head of Christianity

So much is out of sight to those who have sight but lack insight. Many things that are invisible to the naked eye are visible to an open heart. Look! Programmed Christianity is like spiritual life-support. The goal is to … Continue reading

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Jackhammer or stethoscope in church

Some Christians approach people with a jackhammer. Perhaps it would be better to use a stethoscope and listen to their heart. Muzzles and masks make meetings methodological. Open hearts and freedom for Spirit-led expression release healing and compassion. “Let My … Continue reading

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