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The most vivid dream I’ve had in years

I woke up this morning from the most vivid dream I’ve had in years. I was scheduled to speak in a church or auditorium and kept checking on the crowd. I felt I wasn’t physically ready, so I went into … Continue reading

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Tune in to the resurrected Jesus . . .

I woke up this morning with the answer to the question, “How did you emerge on the other side of temptation?” running through my mind and heart before I read that question on a blog post just now. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Don’t just sit in church. Get up and obey God’s Spirit!

Jesus out of the church box so He can rule and reign in your heart. Take the risk to hear and do what His Spirit is saying. Begin to notice and obey His inner promptings throughout the day. I propose … Continue reading

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Let the invisible teacher teach you

The invisible teacher (the risen Jesus) will speak clearly in the heart of the people who truly want to hear Him. Do you? When you’re being taught by God’s Spirit speaking within you, the words of the Bible will come … Continue reading

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Revival causes people & churches to be Christ-enthralled

The world needs Christ-enthralled people. Be one. Let churches be filled with Jesus-thrilled people! Instead of stuffing God’s Spirit, let’s do Spirit-led stuff! If Jesus is the Head of a church, let Him literally run it! If not, quit pretending … Continue reading

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The type of meeting that can manifest and maintain a Spirit-led movement . . .

The ancient Greeks had the secret to maintaining a movement. Jesus borrowed their word for it! Spiritual movements happen when people spontaneously open their heart to one another as equals and to Jesus as their daily Lord. Institutions don’t maintain … Continue reading

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Jesus was glorified by interruptions!

Many of Jesus’ teachings, healings, and miracles were in response to interruptions. Perhaps by shutting down interruptions churches shut down Jesus. Roof altering (miracle manifesting) interruptions? (See Luke 5:17-26.) History shows that an eruption of revival and spiritual awakening will … Continue reading

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Has modern Western Christianity failed?

Message for 2023: It’s time to openly admit and repent for the failure of Christianity in America and the West in the 21st century! In 1904, Evan Roberts, a young Welshman, was greatly distressed by what he called “the failure … Continue reading

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Fiery faith, not fairy faith (Be the one!)

We need fiery faith, not fairy faith–flaming faith, not sedating faith–blazes of glory, not boring story. Sensing the splendor of God far surpasses sitting thru sermons filled with sweet theological speculation. The world needs to see phenomenal Christ-followers who radiate … Continue reading

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The indescribable joy of heart ongoing interaction with Jesus

Continually experiencing Jesus is unspeakably amazing. I wish I could find words that could somehow describe it. If there’s anything or anybody worth getting thrilled about and wholeheartedly celebrating it’s the living, resurrected Jesus. Jesus! If you fell no thrill … Continue reading

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