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Has modern Western Christianity failed?

Message for 2023: It’s time to openly admit and repent for the failure of Christianity in America and the West in the 21st century! In 1904, Evan Roberts, a young Welshman, was greatly distressed by what he called “the failure … Continue reading

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Fiery faith, not fairy faith (Be the one!)

We need fiery faith, not fairy faith–flaming faith, not sedating faith–blazes of glory, not boring story. Sensing the splendor of God far surpasses sitting thru sermons filled with sweet theological speculation. The world needs to see phenomenal Christ-followers who radiate … Continue reading

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The indescribable joy of heart ongoing interaction with Jesus

Continually experiencing Jesus is unspeakably amazing. I wish I could find words that could somehow describe it. If there’s anything or anybody worth getting thrilled about and wholeheartedly celebrating it’s the living, resurrected Jesus. Jesus! If you fell no thrill … Continue reading

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Wanted: Electrifying Christianity

Modern Christianity has become a frill instead of a thrill. It should excite us to daily follow Jesus, not pamper us. If you can go through a day without being thrilled by Jesus, perhaps you’re not as close to Him … Continue reading

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Baiting people with religious candy or net fishing for human hearts?

Net fishing for people? New Testament net fishing doesn’t work if you don’t have a network of people connected heat-to-heart with the living Jesus and with one another. As the inner spiritual knots that tied the earliest Christians together loosened … Continue reading

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Time to cut and remove the brush in church!

Here’s a picture of a pile of brush I cut and stacked. Whew! I’m tired. We need to remove the brush from church and prepare the way for the Lord so that the living Jesus can open His fire hydrant … Continue reading

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Christianity desperately needs to be revitalized

“The truth will set you free.” It’s time for Christians to gather and allow everyone present the freedom to obey the Spirit. When Christian worship is overmanaged and overcontrolled, there’s little or no room for the living Jesus to do … Continue reading

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If you want to be closer to Jesus, this’ll help

Vulnerability is a magnet for the living Jesus. It helps move our pride out of His way and attract His presence and power. Christianity isn’t about memorizing and verbalizing ideas about Jesus. It’s about internalizing Him and letting Him ignite … Continue reading

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Some times the status quo needs to go

Church tends to use Scripture to support the status quo. The risen Jesus makes Scriptures come alive to challenge our complacency. Talk to the living Jesus. Then listen. He wants to have a conversation with you. Biblical Christianity is about … Continue reading

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Head full of theology or heart full of love & holiness?

A head full of theology can never take the place of a heart full of love, compassion, and holiness. Jesus is so great and puts me is such a high state, I don’t need anything else for a buzz! There’s … Continue reading

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