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You have thoughts directly from Jesus

Much of our confusion in life comes from the lack of attention we give to the thoughts that pass through our mind directly from Jesus. If you will train yourself to daily notice and obey direct thoughts from Jesus, your … Continue reading

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If you cling to the vine, you’ll be fine!

Jesus is the vine,We are the branches.If we don’t stay connectedWe’ll be mostly unaffectedBy His presence and power. Continually upgradeYour connectionWith Jesus,Refuse to evadeHis presence.Never let Him fadeFrom your awareness. Many Christians live like they’re plugged into a powerless religious … Continue reading

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Stay charged with the ever-living Jesus

I want to beA fruit standOf God’s SpiritGiving free samplesOf His produceTo all who pass by. Before you express your feelings, align them with reality. “Is this feeling based on truth or is it just my emotional reaction?” The closer … Continue reading

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Being forged & refined by Jesus

Jesus is the wayBeyond pride,Beyond self-effort,And beyond despair.Let Jesus be the airYou breathe.Let Him continually fill youLike deep breathing,His Spirit,His very presenceAlways working inAnd through you.Even if you’re calledA “fool for Christ,”It’s spirituallyAdvantageousTo be so “poor in spirit”That your love … Continue reading

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Christ in you is greater glory than was on Moses’ face!

Splendor,Wonder,Grandeur,Magnificence,Brillance,Dazzling light:Where’s the gloryThat comes from“Christ in you”? Let Christ live in you and keep you aware of His glory every moment of every day! The Bible says that there’s a greater glory than the glory on Moses after God … Continue reading

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Insanity around me & incongruity within me

It’s easy to blame and be disgruntled with the insanity around me. It’s difficult not to constantly deny my discontent with the incongruity within me. We need to continually live in the community of Christ (not just “attend” it on … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus today?

Two Christ-followers on the road to Emmaus wondered out loud where Jesus was as He walked along beside them and engaged them in conversation. They remind me of many contemporary Christians who wonder where Jesus is when He plainly stated, … Continue reading

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The inside-insight-light

I believe that all humans are inwardly flawed and need supernatural help to consistently think and do what’s right. Left to our own thoughts, feelings, and desires we will cause pain and harm to ourselves and to other people. The … Continue reading

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Jesus on the inside is shocking!

Christ in you should be like an electric current continually flowing from within you. If you were trained to make and maintain direct connection with “Christ in you,” you’d overflow with His presence! If you’re not aware of Jesus doing … Continue reading

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Taste & see the reality of the living Jesus

Let God be the chef of your life. His menu is your key to happiness. Freely embrace what He’s cooking up for you. O taste and see that the Lord is good. There are invisible places–spaces inside your heart where … Continue reading

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