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The “Jesus-verse” is better than the metaverse!

People get excited about the virtual experiences of the metaverse. I prefer the transcending experiences of the “Jesus-verse.” Until you have interoperability with the living Jesus, life will feel incomplete. The experience of the “Jesus-verse” is immersive. It surrounds you … Continue reading

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Jesus on the outside or Jesus internalized?

Jesus on the outside is a religious subject, but Jesus living on the inside is fire in the bones — God’s internal combustion! Christian concepts can fill the mind, yet can leave the heart apathetic, but connection with the risen … Continue reading

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Jesus’ inner energy changes perspectives

Steady streams Of inner energy Entered me When Jesus Entered my heart. Delight & felicity Aren’t found through folly But forged by faith.Jesus can make Joy the norm In your life. Even in a storm. How can church members be … Continue reading

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Much instruction & little implementation call for a “Jesus surge”

Much instruction and little implementation make Christianity a dull endeavor. Tell me and I forget, even if you preach to me weekly. Help me implement biblical revelation and I’ll be a daring doer of the word. Lectures about electricity won’t … Continue reading

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Beyond spiritual compromise

A clean heart doesn’t speak with a dirty mouth. Wise eyes recognize evil’s disguise and don’t compromise with its lies. To compromise with lies is to choose deception rather than reality, fables instead of facts. A compromised conscience collapses into … Continue reading

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+-Following Jesus is a long haul, not a quick fix.

Lite year: 365 days with little or no personal or spiritual growth–the road to incessant immaturity. Life goes better if we avoid lite years and instead open our hearts to God’s light. Don’t go through life at the speed of … Continue reading

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Christianity is light, not lecture

When there’s light, you see. You don’t need someone to describe everything to you. True Christianity is light, not lecture. Over analysis has filled contemporary Christianity with spiritual paralysis. To ponder and try to figure God out pales in comparison to personally … Continue reading

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Passionized or pacified?

Christianity should activate people with fire in their soul. Instead it too often seems to pacify them rather than passionizing them. If Christ is dead, a church meeting following Him leads to anarchy. If Christ is alive, following Him leads … Continue reading

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The Legitimate Reason For Rejecting Christ

There are two ways to reject Jesus Christ.  The first is verbal and direct — to openly declare your disbelief.  The second way is more subtle — to reject Christ by the way you live your life, even though you … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gusher Or Spiritual Stopper

Are you a spiritual gusher or a Spirit stopper?  Perhaps these thoughts, based on the words of an ancient prophet, can help you answer that question.  (See Isaiah, chapter 35.) When God gushes forth from the depths of the human … Continue reading

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