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Desire doesn’t require obedience

Let your heart flowWith uplifting,Positive currents,Not with the undertowOf down driftingDesire. A pensive heart,Untroubled by angst,Discovers muchTo be grateful for. Letting desires determine your thoughts and behaviors probably isn’t the wisest way to make decisions. If you’ve never been taught … Continue reading

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A bold belief about church

Here’s a bold belief: I believe that every Christian gathering needs to have an open mic (or an open platform). (How else can we obey I Corinthians 14:26 and 30?) Awakened Christ-followers need an outlet. When they are continually kept … Continue reading

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Praying in the Spirit (no need to fear it)

Pray from your heartWithout makingThe words strainThrough your brain. We learn to speakIn the power of the SpiritNot by filling our mindWith religious information,But by training our heartTo continually surrender to JesusAnd overflow with wordsThat come from the presenceOf Christ … Continue reading

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Bob about what?

When you bob about in the sea of your wrongful feelings and desires, you’re risking getting swept away by their dangerous undertow. Think before you bob! Here are some pre-bob thoughts: Let your heartBe molded byTruth and kindness,Not hardenedBy our … Continue reading

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Apparent inconsistencies in pro-abortion arguments

Legal or not It seems inconsistent To say that . . . “Cruelty to animals Is morally wrong But cruelty to Prenatal human life Isn’t.” “Prenatal human life Is disposable But postnatal human life Isn’t.” “Siamese twins Each have their … Continue reading

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Speaking hostile words is like throwing stones

Words are like stonesThat we throwInto the lake of life.When they’reHeard or read,Their ripples spreadIn people’s heartsAnd heads.Make your splashIn life’s lakeKindness,Not hate. For many decades, I’ve found my best source of uplifting words is the Bible when read with … Continue reading

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The self-focused choice is seldom the best choice.

To chooseTo accuseOthersIs oftenAn attemptTo excuseYourself. To chooseTo excuseYour conscienceIs to fuseYourselfTo bad choices. Choice means responsibility. We’re all accountable for the choices we make. Selfish choices are often unjust. Choices made while ignoring conscience and compassion are often cruel. … Continue reading

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When you can’t do it, be God’s conduit

Somewhere betweenEager excusesAnd excessive effortWe can surrenderTo the LordAnd let His spiritual giftsOverflow withThe fruit of His SpiritFrom within usAs we open our heartAs a conduitTo graciously giveWhat we haveFlowing through us.(Can’t do it?Be God’s conduitAnd leave the resultsWith Him.) … Continue reading

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The body of Christ & accountability

I’ve been blessed with amazing experiences. Every day I encounter something amazing. Christianity should be a contemporary Jesus movement, not a religious monument where people are lectured about what Jesus did in the past. Christians are supposed to be experiencing … Continue reading

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Praying below the ceiling

Even when you feelLike your prayers don’t goAs high as the ceilingThat’s okay becauseThe Spirit of Christ isLower than the ceiling,Working inside His followersAnd actively revealingHis presence and powerOn our level.In the name ofJesus Christ of NazarethRise up and walk … Continue reading

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