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Jesus Living On The Inside

How can anyone describe Jesus living inside you? It’s like having a shower head Inside your heart, Continually spraying Soothing, comforting, Energizing, thrilling, and refreshing Streams of joy, love, peace, faith, and hope All through your emotions, your mind, and … Continue reading

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2 Left Shoes Don’t Make A Pair Of Shoes

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17 Benefits Of Prayer Walking

Prayer walking with The Salvation Army Flag does many things: 1) It increases the amount of intercessory prayer for your neighborhood; 2) It helps you to understand the needs in your neighborhood; 3) It increases your love for the people … Continue reading

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A Good God? A Good Government?

People sometimes ask: “How can a good God judge and punish people? That’s like asking: “How can a good country have law enforcement, judges, and prisons?” George Scott Railton, an early leader of The Salvation Army, wrote:  “A soul not … Continue reading

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The Marathon Of A Lifetime!

The St. Jude Country Music Marathon (formerly the Music City Marathon) takes place tomorrow in Nashville, Tennessee.  Many will put themselves to the test as they run, yet they find the testing to be thrilling.  They love the challenge. “The … Continue reading

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Testimony Church

Show & Tell Church  (A song/poem about testimony church.) We each one speak about What we’ve seen and heard Our experience With the living Word, Showing and telling God’s great wonders Our lives are changed As the Spirit thunders! “I’m … Continue reading

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Just Like A Body

Just Like A Body — 1 Corinthians 12 (a song/poem about the gifts of the Spirit) Just like a body Is made of many parts The body of Christ Is made of many hearts; And when hearts open, The Spirit … Continue reading

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You Can Hear The Voice Of The Spirit

We all need to hear it; The voice of the Spirit. There’s no need to fear it; All true hope is near it. He that has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says . . . — It’s easy … Continue reading

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Perhaps “Same sex marriage” is like a pair of same foot shoes (2 lefts or 2 rights) — not according to design.

Perhaps “Same sex marriage” Is like a pair of Same foot shoes (2 lefts or 2 rights) — Not according to design.

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Anybody Up For Something Different? (A Fresh, Creative Way of Doing Church?)

No more same-ole-same-ole!  Now there is a fresh, creative way of doing church.  Hear more about it in this video. And then come and check it out for yourself: The Salvation Army Berry Street, 225 Berry St., Nashville, Tennessee, … Continue reading

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