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The living Jesus is a showstopper!

An incredible experience makes you want to tell people about it. Jesus gives me joy and incredible experiences! If the living Jesus has done something in your life, “shout it from the housetops.” Christians will be tense if they only … Continue reading

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Experiencing Christ in you as an amazing reality

When you get to know “Christ in you,” you don’t have to look for Him elsewhere. Surrendering to the life of Jesus working inside of you is like soaring in the wind. Christ-followers are citizens of God’s kingdom, His ambassadors, … Continue reading

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The now Jesus will wow you

Let the ever-present Jesus wow you now. The now Jesus is like the now air, yet we’re often unaware that He’s keeping us alive. Let the risen Jesus out of the religious past. Free Him from the distant future. Now! … Continue reading

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Vibrant with the living Jesus

When Jesus introduced Himself to me, it wasn’t about theology. He made my blind eyes see. Church, without the actual presence of the risen Jesus, is like licking a picture of an ice cream cone. There’s no reason for awe … Continue reading

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Remember the present-day Jesus — not just the historical Jesus

Jesus said: “Do this in remembrance of Me.” Remember His presence in the present moment and surrender to Him now! Too often Christians forget that Jesus is present and active in the now, and only remember Him in the past. … Continue reading

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We can’t follow Jesus, if we won’t let Him lead us!

  “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” –Romans 8:14 Learn to follow Jesus in the book “Beyond Church.”

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The 21st Century’s Contemporary Christ

The contemporary Christ Living and speaking In human hearts, Personally directing and Prompting His people, Daily displays His wonders As we hear and obey Him. And when we gather, In His name and presence, And let Him lead us, The … Continue reading

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All My Eggs Are In One (Easter) Basket!

All My Eggs Are In One (Easter) Basket Easter Week should EGG you on toward Radical obedience to The living, resurrected Jesus Christ! Easter Week reminds me That all my EGGS Are in one basket — The living, resurrected Jesus … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday Is About Participatory Church!

What’s Palm Sunday about? For one thing, it is about a Donkey Rider and participatory, organic church. The original Palm Sunday was about everyday people speaking out for Christ. It wasn’t about people being quiet and passive spectators.  The focus … Continue reading

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If Easter is true, then . . .

If Easter is more than fashion, rabbits, and eggs then perhaps we should . . . If Easter is true–give control to Christ! –Is Christ alive in the 21st Century? If not, then do your thing. If yes, then step … Continue reading

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