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Why Moses saw the invisible

Troublesome circumstances are painfully obvious in daily life. It’s easy to look at the disturbances that we see around us and within us and to find plenty of reasons to feel despair and discouragement. We need a boost — something … Continue reading

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Jesus first! (Avoid “Christian factionalism.”)

When Christ-followers allow human opinions, policies, ideas, or governments to divide them and make them hostile toward each other, they abandon the unity of the Spirit. The result is Christian factionalism. Human authority systems are unredeemable because they are operated … Continue reading

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“Pastorized” Christianity

The pastorization of Christianity has trained many Christians to trust a pastor more than they trust the Holy Spirit. Too many Christians talk more about their pastor than they do about Jesus. Instead of leaving “the elementary teachings about Christ” … Continue reading

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My heart continually cries out for REVIVAL!!!

The way of spiritual awakening is much simpler that we imagine. When Christ-followers humbly gather to expect and experience direct revelation and individual response — to receive the inner prompting of the Holy Spirit and to outwardly proclaim and do … Continue reading

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Self-focus (like “hocus pocus”) makes happiness disappear

Self-focusLike hocus pocusMakes happinessMagically disappear. The greater your self-focus, the less will be your happiness. The more you define happiness, the harder it is to find. Happiness is discovered through simple joys, not by a detailed, self-focused plan. Our self-focused … Continue reading

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Guard your mind and open your heart!

Too many people today have an open mind and guarded heart. I think we’d be happier if we opened our heart and guarded our mind. An unguarded mind will be tricked into making many harmful choices. The mind is designed … Continue reading

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The ongoing Jesus thrill makes joy real!

If anythingTries to chillYour Jesus thrill,Don’t sit still,Run! Christians don’t need to imagine the thrill of encountering the risen Jesus. We’re invited to continually interact with Him. No one can thrill a human heart like Jesus. Let Him electrify you … Continue reading

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Wanted: Electrifying Christianity

Modern Christianity has become a frill instead of a thrill. It should excite us to daily follow Jesus, not pamper us. If you can go through a day without being thrilled by Jesus, perhaps you’re not as close to Him … Continue reading

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A casual decision to follow Jesus isn’t enough

Christians are called to a level of faith in Jesus that empowers them to relinquish all their rights to God. Press on! Discipleship is daily learning to freely relinquish your free will to the living, resurrected Jesus. A casual decision … Continue reading

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Communing & living as the Body of Christ

–Communing as the Body of Christ–When people gatherTo openly shareAs promptedBy God’s SpiritAnd spontaneously startTo pour out their heartTogether in prayerThey beginTo deeply careFor each other.Why is this so rare? To see, to care for, to embrace, to identify with, … Continue reading

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