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Don’t Toss Boss Jesus

UnbindThe boxed-up Jesus.He’s been too long confinedAnd entwinedBy the human mind.His presence isToo often declinedAnd removedFrom life’s daily grind.As humankindWe are designedTo be continually definedAnd refinedBy HimAnd alignedWith His presence.Don’t tossYour Boss.Make Jesus your daily Lord! Church too often gathersWithout … Continue reading

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Reality matters! Racist history, prenatal life, man and woman

An approval approach to culture attempts to cancel people’s freedom to abstain from offering applause to other people’s choices. When kindly pointing out reality is considered to be hate speech a society is sinking into deep deception. It’s not unkind … Continue reading

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Movin’ on up–beyond mental and emotional pain . . .

Mental and emotional pain are warnings that your thinking and behavior are self-damaging and need to be adjusted. To have the mind of Christ we must let God’s Spirit direct our mental traffic. Invite the living Jesus into the home … Continue reading

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Respecting human life in all colors and phases

I remember the signsThat said “Colored” and “White.”Even as a little boy,Completely unaware ofCritical Race Theory,I knew that wasn’t rightAnd my country was wrong. Respect all human life.Don’t just pick and choose.It’s not right to abuseThe miracle of human lifeIn … Continue reading

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America’s biggest & cruelest lie

We need a clear eyeTo see beyondAmerica’s big lieAbout black skin color. The biggest lie in American history–told on this continent for more than 400 years–declares Black people to be inferior. Both Black people and White people in America have … Continue reading

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My Monarch

My Monarch, My spiritual head, Isn’t a butterfly Or a professional guy Who heads A religious organization. It’s the living Jesus! People are blessed, God is glorified, Jesus’ love is manifest, And we pass the test, When we step out … Continue reading

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Defeat your demons!

The daily news demonstrates how demons working in and thru people say and do cruel things to people. As humans we need to learn to recognize, refute, and resist the voice of demons when they insert their wrongful thoughts into … Continue reading

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The forefront of your mind and the center of your heart

To believe that Jesus rose and is now present everywhere yet neglect to daily interact with Him is to miss the point of Christianity. For Christians to wake-up is to become gloriously aware that we carry Christ’s presence and to … Continue reading

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Today experience life with Jesus

Look for Jesus today. He’s everywhere. If you notice Him, listen to Him, and obey His inner promptings, what a day today will be! Today notice Jesus everywhere you go. Surrender to His presence. Rely and depend on Him every … Continue reading

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Praying with diverse Christ-followers

My wife and I have for years have been praying heart-to-heart with diverse Christ-followers (from various churches and even those who are done with traditional church). On the phone, online, or in person, we meet with one or more other … Continue reading

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