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A Jesus revolution replaces heart earplugs with inner earbuds.

A sincere prayer: Holy Spirit, please touch everyone who reads this with an instant and powerful manifestation of Your presence. The inner earplugs of pride and self-focus keep us from hearing God’s Spirit. The worst hearing loss is the unwillingness … Continue reading

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Who is a child of God?

Avoid spiritual identity theft. The Bible says: “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” (Romans 8:14.) Go God’s route. Be Spirit-led! To be led by the Spirit as a child of God is … Continue reading

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The “Withouts” (needing the Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit)

Life will go better if you avoid being without the Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit! Open your life up to them today! Some desires need to be resisted. Others need to be cultivated. Wisdom knows the difference.

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Let Jesus have the church platform!

When Jesus isn’t allowed to have the platform someone else takes control of the meeting. Until Christians begin to let Jesus have the platform and become His daily audience, we’ll stay stuck, passively watching a pastor perform on Sunday. It’s … Continue reading

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Ecclesiology (church government) can’t heal your hurting heart.

The only cure for your hurting heart is the risen Jesus. If you’re looking anywhere else (even to church), you’re looking in the wrong places. Meetings in the body of Christ are supposed to be about empowering, releasing, and sending … Continue reading

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My testimony about testimonies

I woke up this morning with the word “testimony” on my mind. It made me realize how fortunate I was as a new Christian to be surrounded by people who shared their testimonies of how Jesus was working in their … Continue reading

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More “If My people . . .”

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God gives the keys to spiritual awakening, revival, and healing. However, those keys require more than that we quote them or hear sermons about them. They require that we actually do them with an open, humble … Continue reading

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Letting pain produce great gain

If you’re looking for something or someone to make you happy, you’re actually looking for the One who created you to be happy. Let your pain lead you to continually surrender the control of your life to the risen Jesus. … Continue reading

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Let go and let Jesus lead!

Wake up. To be numb inside is to miss out on Christ’s internal life. Embrace the lifestyle of binge-watching the risen Jesus and internally streaming the author and finisher of the faith. Quick Christianity served up as a tidy Sunday … Continue reading

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Wake up to heart-training

The living Jesus is the great Heart-Changer! We need to train our heart to continually open up to and surrender to Jesus. I woke up this morning with these thoughts being written on my heart: An open heart has ears … Continue reading

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