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Which AI? Artificial intelligence or authentic intelligence?

Authentic intelligence requires insight, discernment, and wisdom, not just computing. Artificial intelligence merely scans and sorts the information that it has access to. Authentic intelligence chooses to seek and submit to righteousness and truth. Artificial intelligence is mindless information processing … Continue reading

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Speaking in tongues is better than Starbucks (and any bar anywhere).

If it’s acceptable for people to talk about drinking coffee and beer it’s acceptable to talk about speaking in tongues! So here goes . . . To neglectOr rejectGod’s giftOf tonguesIs to miss outOn somethingThat’s infinitely betterThan coffee or teaOr … Continue reading

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Sincere criticism can help make church better

Pastors don’t have a right to demand that they not be criticized. Wise pastors welcome criticism because they realize that they need the accountability. A pastor who demands that people in the congregation not disagree with Him has a lot … Continue reading

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Google Jesus

If the presence of the risen Jesus isn’t continually surging from within you like rivers of living water, you’re missing out on “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” To present Jesus as stuck in history, in Heaven, or in … Continue reading

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Life surrounded by screaming screens

Humanity todayIs surrounded byConstant distractionsAnd ungodly attractions.Phones, TVs,Music, moviesAnd sin-filled screensThat scream,“Look at me!”Sometimes that’s allWe can hear or see.O, me!How will we ever“Behold the Lamb of God”?How can we be“Dead to sin,”When we live inFocused attention on itAnd let … Continue reading

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The beautiful soundtrack of heart-felt Christianity

Let the living Jesus breathe On the wind chimes In your heart And play beautiful music That fills you with joy. The soundtrack of biblical Christianity is the voice of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” continually prompting you … Continue reading

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Humanity’s greatest fear?

Fear is not final. It can always be resisted. When you’re feeling fear, fight it until it flees. Fear is an opportunity to show courage. Without fear courage isn’t necessary. The fear of letting people see what’s truly going on … Continue reading

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Fear closing your heart to the risen Jesus and missing out on His mercy.

Words from the mind ramble on. Words from God’s Spirit roll with revelation like waves from Heaven. The inner release of Christ’s rushing rivers will cause your heart to runover with joy. Let God’s Spirit reveal to your heart the … Continue reading

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Theology matters but the living present Jesus matters most!

Reality isWe don’t have a clueUntil we look at lifeFrom God’s point of viewAnd let Him be the glueThat holds us together. “Knowledge puffs up.” Studying theology without actively embracing the presence and humility of the living Jesus can easily … Continue reading

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The ignored heart disease

There’s a terminal heart illness that medical science ignores. “The wages of sin is death.” The sickness of sin hardens the human heart and separates it from hope. Guilt is a major symptom of the sickness of sin. If you’ve … Continue reading

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