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Jesus isn’t seasonal!

Timeless JesusEver freshAnd refreshing,No matter the yearLet Him give youA heart that’sBrand-new. If you don’t remainChrist-centeredAnd surrenderedTo His daily reignHope begins to drainAnd life becomes a pain.It’s essential toEstablish and maintainIntimacy with Jesus. A weeklyChurchy nodTo JesusIsn’t aLightening rodFor protectionFrom … Continue reading

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When Christianity isn’t Christ-centered it’s counterfeit

Church-centered Christianity is a first step. It’s a good starting point but it’s not something to passively settle into and be comfortable with for the rest of your life. It’s vital to move forward into Christ-centered Christianity. Church membership without … Continue reading

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The grace-based Christ exchange

To grow to be like Emmanuel who is God incarnate, requires an ongoing exchange–the surrendering of our will for God’s will. We must step away from our desires, feelings, and opinions in order to prepare the way of the Lord … Continue reading

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God’s route is Spirit-led

Christianity’s about Jesus and being led by His Spirit. Anyone or anything that gets more of your attention than Jesus blocks the way. Every Christian needs to learn to be led by God’s Spirit. There’s nothing routine about being Spirit-led! … Continue reading

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The world’s worst power outage

The power outage the Bible warns us about is powerless Christianity: People “having a form of godliness but denying its power.” When love is organized, programmed, and put on a calendar it loses vitality. That’s what churches have done to … Continue reading

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Jesus is the reason I have hope in every season!

The church calendar tries to fit Jesus into seasonal categories, but the Bible says that Jesus is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Never make Jesus seasonal! Jesus is the reason I stay excited about being alive! He’s the reason … Continue reading

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The parable of the author’s wife (Jesus isn’t a baby anymore)

There was once a famous author whose wife mostly ignored and rarely communicated with him. She did however attend a book club where she heard a weekly lecture about him and his books, and she enjoyed looking at his baby … Continue reading

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Have you been merry lately?

Don’t worry, be merry! To be merry is to be full of grateful cheerfulness and radiating with heart-felt joy. Without a merry heart merriment is just an empty show. Being merry is the rare but glorious condition of a heart … Continue reading

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Christmas events & the Jesus-thrill!

The Christmas events are about people experiencing the Jesus-thrill. That’s the thrill that can last all life long and beyond! They proclaim that the Creator of the Universe was born as a human baby to lay down His life in … Continue reading

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A closed heart creates “I-solatioion” & “lone-me-ness”

Heart wallsPrevent usFrom hearingHeart calls. When a human heart breaks insight enters into it, but too often people cling to the pain and push out the light. Jealously indicates a closed heart. Being happy for other people’s good fortune reveals … Continue reading

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