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Invisible things are at work in human beings

Invisible things matter. What’s unseen is very significant! Too many Christians have been trained to overthink religion and to overlook the invisible Jesus. Invisible things work inside people day and night — a churning collage of confusing thoughts, emotions, desires … Continue reading

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Choice and consequences

As humans we like to pretend that we can make bad and/or wrongful choices and have no negative consequences. Reality disagrees! If you plant something it will grow consequences. Be wise about what you plant (or allow to be planted) … Continue reading

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Respecting rights . . .

People have a right to pretend to be the opposite gender. I have a right to kindly believe that they aren’t. Many people disagree with my belief that Jesus transforms me and guides me from within, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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A rock-hard heart is stone faced.

The purpose of your conscience isn’t to make you feel guilty but to guide you to a lifestyle that is free from the chains of corruption. Fear hardens a human heart so that it can’t hear the conscience, but faith … Continue reading

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The deception of self-focus

Self-focus makes it easy to decorate our desires, feelings, and opinions with fancy justifications and elaborate excuses in order to create an outward appearance of goodness while hiding and denying the reality of the pain, confusion, and corruption that is … Continue reading

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Being Spirit-led to soar beyond religious legalism

The Law doesn’t win. The Spirit does! The Law sets external boundaries. Biblically, the Pharisees demonstrated that hardened human hearts can outwardly stay within legalistic boundaries (and believe that they are “good people”) while inwardly being so much of a … Continue reading

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Christ-saturated or religiously dominated?

Pride is self-saturation. It’s a swamp of anxiety that is always on guard and defensive, but Christ-saturation abounds with inner peace. Christians should be Christ-saturated not religiously masqueraded. If you’re saturated with the risen Jesus, only a Christ-like attitude will … Continue reading

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Seeing beyond the spin

Wherever there is spin, sight is blurred. Christians are called to look for truth without spinning facts to fit our opinions. My interpretation of a fact isn’t a fact. It’s only my opinion, not ultimate truth. To repent is to … Continue reading

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Shrink wrapped Christianity is very confining.

When Christianity is shrink wrapped in religious plastic and boxed up like an Amazon package, it’s not very effective. We need to open it up so God’s Spirit can take control. To be spiritually alive is to be responsive to … Continue reading

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Can we be honest about discrimination against skin-color and pre-natal status?

Both abortion and slavery are based on the false claim of ownership of another human life. Much of the disrespect for human life in America that was once based on skin color has now shifted to be based on pre-natal … Continue reading

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