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Insight from the Asbury awakening 2023

God wants to free upSit down and listenChurch attendeesTo stand upAnd freely expressTheir love for Jesus! You don’t needTo go anywhereOr attend anythingTo experienceChrist in you. Whether you were at AsburyOr not,Jesus stillWants youTo surrenderTo His willSo He can fillAnd … Continue reading

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Church criticism without church hurt

Some people assume that when I criticize church, I speak from church hurt but that’s not true. My views on church came from daily experiencing the reality, presence, and glory of the living Jesus, years before I ever experienced “church … Continue reading

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Christians meeting with heart-felt awareness of Jesus

Acute awareness of the risen Jesus requires much more than hearing a talk about Him. It requires direct, personal, ongoing, and interactive encounter with Him. It requires a knowing beyond head knowledge that ignites the heart with awe-filled aha and … Continue reading

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“One anothering” in The Salvation Army

There are 50+ “one another” verses in the Bible. When Christians seek to obey them, hearts begin to connect and community occurs. We can’t “bear with each other” and follow the other “one another” commands if we refuse to band … Continue reading

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Christianity desperately needs to be revitalized

“The truth will set you free.” It’s time for Christians to gather and allow everyone present the freedom to obey the Spirit. When Christian worship is overmanaged and overcontrolled, there’s little or no room for the living Jesus to do … Continue reading

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Whew! Spontaneous Christianity’s amazing, y’all!

My wife and I just had a married couple, who really love Jesus, over for dinner and we saw the Spirit lead. We ate, shared testimonies, laughed, prayed, danced, took communion, prayed more, laughed more, repeatedly saw the gifts of … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Jesus’ Town Hall Meeting (ekklesia)

Greek cities in the ancient world were governed by open Town Hall Meetings, where any citizen could speak, which they called “The Ekklesia.” When Jesus chose a name for a gathering of His people, He called it My Ekklesia (Jesus’ … Continue reading

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House church? Change in church location is insignificant without a change in control

Christian history shows that church has left the ekklesia (the Spirit-led gatherings of the early Christ-followers). Organization gradually overrode the Spirit. Today, many Christians want to get away from tightly organized, institutional church services and experience more freedom and spontaneity. … Continue reading

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Jesus is eternal, but sermons aren’t supposed to be

I can’t find the idea in Scripture that meetings of the body of Christ, need to be built around a sermon. If Christians spent more time reading the Bible with an open heart, we wouldn’t feel such a need to … Continue reading

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Spirit-led community overcomes divisiveness.

Spirit-led people live differently than people who follow their own desires. Spirit-led community is a gathering of people, connected heart-to-heart by Jesus. Far too often, church is a substitute for Spirit-led community. Spirit-led community can only occur with humility. Pride … Continue reading

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