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Religion is predictable. The Holy Spirit is unpredictable.

As a Pharisee, Nicodemus preferred predictable, programmed, and rigid religion, but Jesus told him that God’s Spirit is unpredictable like the wind. (See John chapter three.) Religiously satisfying the flesh (our human desires and our need to look good before … Continue reading

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Did Jesus say, “Blessed are those who love themselves”?

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” not, “Blessed are those who love themselves.” It takes humility, self-restraint, and self-denial to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Pride puts self ahead of neighbor. Self-love doesn’t show us what love is; … Continue reading

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When you believe in Jesus you rely on Him every moment

“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” ―C.S. Lewis. When you believe in Jesus you rely on Him every moment Believing is trusting–Relying on someoneSo much thatWe complyWith what … Continue reading

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Self-righteousness is sneaky

One of the reasons we Christian humans don’t live without sin is that when we start to believe that we have stopped sinning we accidently slip into the sin of pride and become modern religious Pharisees. That’s so easy to … Continue reading

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Is it good for people to sample your example?

A bad exampleExtinguishesGood words. When wordsAnd actionsContradict,Believe the actions,Not the words. Before you followPeople’s exampleCheck outHow their behaviorIs turning outFor them. Be carefulWhat you watchHear or readBecause it may leadYou somewhereYou don’t want to go. You’re a role model,Whether youWant … Continue reading

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Christ-like people inspire me!

Be an exampleOf ChristLiving in youSo that the worldCan sampleHis presence. It’s timeTo love Jesus moreThan ever before. Instead of tryingTo love myself,I seek to beLess like meAnd moreLike Jesus. If a personWill be stillAnd ponderIn the presenceOf JesusHe will … Continue reading

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Tribute to His majesty, my Monarch!

Like a monarch butterflyThe kingdom of GodLooks for a place to landIn your heart. The monarch who matters most is the ever-living, ever-present King Jesus. King Jesus can set you free from the tyranny of your own desires. The monarchy … Continue reading

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“Sermonoply” (The Sunday morning monopoly)

When one person monopolizes a church mic every week that’s a sermonoply. Giving a pastor mic control causes him to be seen as a college style teacher more than as an approachable, listening, and caring shepherd. The greatest sermon falls … Continue reading

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The heavenly city’s earthly gathering

For me, the city of God is now! The risen Jesus continually thrills me! I love being aware of Jesus’ presence with me throughout the day. In ekklesia meetings Christians can interact as Spirit-led citizens of the city of God. … Continue reading

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God’s heart-to-heart “house” of “living stones”

I saw the house of the Lord being built today at a Christian conference where the Holy Spirit was allowed to take over the meeting so powerfully that the closing keynote speaker didn’t want to speak so that the Holy … Continue reading

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