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Tribute to His majesty, my Monarch!

Like a monarch butterflyThe kingdom of GodLooks for a place to landIn your heart. The monarch who matters most is the ever-living, ever-present King Jesus. King Jesus can set you free from the tyranny of your own desires. The monarchy … Continue reading

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“Sermonoply” (The Sunday morning monopoly)

When one person monopolizes a church mic every week that’s a sermonoply. Giving a pastor mic control causes him to be seen as a college style teacher more than as an approachable, listening, and caring shepherd. The greatest sermon falls … Continue reading

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The heavenly city’s earthly gathering

For me, the city of God is now! The risen Jesus continually thrills me! I love being aware of Jesus’ presence with me throughout the day. In ekklesia meetings Christians can interact as Spirit-led citizens of the city of God. … Continue reading

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God’s heart-to-heart “house” of “living stones”

I saw the house of the Lord being built today at a Christian conference where the Holy Spirit was allowed to take over the meeting so powerfully that the closing keynote speaker didn’t want to speak so that the Holy … Continue reading

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I saw a famous preacher humbly “step off the monologue” today

Today I witnessed a famous preacher lay down the religious monologue so that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be quenched. Jim Cymbala was to be the closing speaker at the New Room Conference 2022 today. The speaker before him gave an … Continue reading

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The Jesus (Alpha & Omega) Alphabet

Jesus is The Alpha and The Omega. (Those are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.) Here are Jesus thoughts from A to Z: The Jesus Alphabet can unscramble your life! Notice the letter J8 in the picture. … Continue reading

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Religious zombieness & institutions called churches

To be inA ChristianComfort-zoneIs to beZoned-outBy religiousZombieness. Institutions called churchesSeem to lack the ability toStir up and maintainIn the heartsOf their membersA spreading fireOf ever-burning desireTo follow Jesus.They tend toMake people comfortableAnd predictableInstead of training themTo be vulnerableAnd bendableTo the … Continue reading

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Amazing things happen when your heart reaches for God

As long as you feelLike you haveWhat you want,You won’t wantGod to help you. Reach beyond your pride into the secret treasure chest of humility and brokenness. To reach for God is to exceed your grasp, but it begins to … Continue reading

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Worship God and be the master of your desires, not their slave.

Humans tend to be led by desires (I want this,) opinions (I think this,) and emotions (I feel this,) instead of by God’s Spirit. Let God make you the master of your desires, not their slave. To believe is to … Continue reading

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Jesus’ calling on first century Christ-followers

Understanding the calling on the first century Christ-followers, who Paul wrote letters to depends on understanding the Greek word that is translated as church. That word is ekklesia. There were two ekklesias in each of the Greek cities that Paul … Continue reading

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