Take awhile & smile

A journey of many smiles can begin with a grin. Take some time today to go the extra smile. Make a frequent smile a regular part of your daily lifestyle.

If you’ve lost your smile, you won’t find in in your teeth. You’ll find it in your heart.

Before you judge a smiler for being “too happy,” walk a mile with a smile on your face. Happiness doesn’t require a perfect norm.

Happiness is often only a smile away. You haven’t missed the boat. It’s not too late to get on board with happiness. It’s not erratic to let yourself be ecstatic about the gift of being alive.

Even when you’re
Going through a trial,
You can smile awhile.

To embrace joy, repeatedly run a smile across your face, at a very slow pace. Smile after smile, keep putting them on your face.

Cheer up, because if you’re reading this, you’re blessed today with the incredible gift of life. Positive thoughts are mood makers that you can use to elevate your attitude. Words attract and repel. Find words that attract inner peace and repel misery.

Our feelings and desires are frequently false, distracting us from truth. All feelings, desires, and behaviors are not equal. Discernment matters.

Words read,
Heard or said,
Can fill your head
With joy or dread.
Don’t be misled.

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Give no room to gloom.

Yesterday ended last night. There’s no need to drag it through today. If you don’t learn to enjoy today, you probably won’t enjoy tomorrow either.

The amount of joy in a house isn’t based on its square footage. Happiness has little to do with happenings, but much to do with a grateful heart.

When you wear a grin, circumstances won’t look as grim. Joy happens in the heart. A closed heart misses out.

Happy humor flushes misery from the mind. Don’t forget to flush! Heart-felt humor is a tension tamer.

Maintaining a wholesome sense of humor is a vaccine against anxiety. Humor is everywhere. Learn to see the funny the surrounds you. Heart-felt humor is often hidden in plain sight, just like the elephant in the room.

Too much focus on achievement can delete much enjoyment. A sunrise in your eyes can make you realize the wonderful prize a new day brings you.

Without a healthy sense of humor, it’s easy to become a gloom-and-doomer. Life’s full of humor, but most people only notice a tiny portion of it. See more happy humor. People who want to have fun need a big dose of kind, heart-felt humor.

If you find humor in your problems, it’ll be easier to solve them. Heart-felt laughter helps you cruise through life and ship worry away. Finding heart-felt humor in a difficult situation can crack up the pain and dissolve it away.

Facing pain playfully reduces its impact. Silliness eases its effects. Too much analysis produces humor paralysis.

Heart-felt humor helps me appreciate and embrace the seriousness of life. Cheerfulness is medicine; sadness is poison. Humor happens through out your day, but most of it goes unnoticed.

Worry anticipates bad. I invented the word “worglee” to remind me to anticipate good. When you train your heart to enjoy each moment, you feel no need to search for happiness outside of yourself.

There’s something good about everybody. It’s fun to take the challenge and try to find it.

When you see life like a theme park ride or a video game, its challenges become exciting. Without curiosity life can become a boring monstrosity.

Give no room to gloom. Setting aside gloom will brighten up your room. Being brave enough to face the elephant in the room gets life unstuck.

Affectionate humor is one of life’s greatest experiences. Kindness and laughter are a powerful team! If you’re looking for comedy, the best place to start is with your own behavior.

Although negative emotions often seem like monsters, they’re really nothing but pesky feelings.

A bad mood isn’t caused by your personality. It’s caused by you letting frustration disrupt your life.

Your mood has accrued from the thoughts you’ve deposited in your mind. To improve your mood withdraw the painful ones.

What you’ve viewed has helped make your bad mood. Now focus on viewing what produces inner peace.

If a thought or behavior isn’t giving you joy, why continue it? What good is free time if you don’t enjoy it?

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The unexplored power of the Bible

The Bible is a microscope that reveals much astonishment that is unseen to the naked eye. It’s also a telescope. When Jesus feels far away, reading it will bring Him very near and let you hear His voice.

The Bible says that Christ-followers are “taught of God to love one another.” How is God teaching you to love? The key to understanding the Bible isn’t a commentary, a seminary, or a preacher. It’s simply, regularly reading it with a hungry, humble heart.

One book enlightens, connects with, and heals my heart, like none other. After 50 years of reading it almost everyday, it still sets my heart on fire. I’m not very good at figuring out the Bible (there’s a lot I don’t understand), but it’s great at figuring me out! I read the Bible because it connects me with the living Jesus and works deep inside me to align my heart with love, peace, and joy.

The Bible, read daily (with humility), will work like a plow–breaking up the hard, stony ground in your heart and extracting the distractions. (See Mark 4.) To read the Bible with just your head isn’t much better than leaving it unread. Read it with an open heart! Hard soil in your heart won’t grow the fruit of the Spirit until you till it. “Break up your fallow ground “

When the Bible contradicts my opinions, feelings, and desires (which is quite often) it causes me to rethink many things and changes me from the inside out. Reading the Bible for the Holy Spirit’s dialysis will purify your heart, but reading it focused on human analysis, tends to puff you up with pride.

Focus on the words in the Bible that enlighten you, instead of leaning on your own understanding, trying to figure out the ones that don’t. Reading the Bible to analyze it, is to trust in your own understanding. Reading it to let it analyze you, is to be inwardly healed and transformed.

The Bible says to “lean not on your own understanding,” yet many people ignore those words when they read the Bible. Too much Bible teaching and not enough open-hearted, Bible reading, tends to make us dependent on man rather than on the Holy Spirit.

I’ve never liked Bible commentaries. I’ve tried using them a few times, but found that they distracted me from being taught the Bible by the Spirit. I believe that God will speak directly to anybody who will consistently read the Bible with an open heart.

Read the Bible like a love letter instead of like a text book — with an open heart, not just with an analytical mind. The best commentary on the Bible is the living Jesus. When He explains it to me, the words burn in my heart.

Open the Bible.
Open your heart.
Read till Jesus
Heals your hurt.

I’m a phone.
The Bible’s my charger.
As I ponder it,
Jesus’ power flows into me.

Continually speak, ponder, and do the written word and the living Word (Jesus) will flourish within you. (See Joshua 1:8.) The Bible’s full of wake-up words that will rouse you to new life, when you read it with an open heart.

A human heart can be hard, shallow, distracted, or flourishing with compassion. How’s yours?

To avoid being deceived by false prophets, continually saturate yourself with the Bible and avoid preachers who contradict it.

Some of the 1st Christ-followers wrote down their experiences with and insights about the living Jesus. Their words are life-changing.

Most of the sermons I’ve heard contained very little Bible, but lots of a preacher’s analysis, opinions, and stories. “Why is it that some Christians, although they hear many sermons, make but slow advances in the divine life? Because they neglect their closets, and do not thoughtfully meditate on God’s Word.” –Charles Spurgeon

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What about Jesus?

The living Jesus is speaking to you without going through a third party. Are you willing to give Him a listen?

Let Jesus assign
Your agenda
And realign
Your life
To His design.

The mind makes mental walls
And when Jesus calls,
Often His voice falls
Outside of our comfort zone.

If you want to see
Beyond life’s haze,
Begin to gaze
At the living Jesus.

The hope of glory
Is Christ in you,
Flowing through
What you say
And do.

It’s easy to analyze and institutionalize Jesus. It’s better to let your heart continually gaze into His eyes! Church has described, categorized, and analyzed Jesus, but it hasn’t trained people to continually ponder His presence with wonder.

To know that Jesus was moved with compassion is good, but it can’t compare with feeling His compassion moving in your own heart. Christ followers are called to be “do-ciples”–“doers of the word, not hearers only.”

Jesus wouldn’t call you to follow Him and then not lead you. Let the living Jesus personally lead you through out the day.

A hard, shallow, or distracted heart can’t maintain connection with Jesus. A humble, hungry, honest heart can. (Mark 4) Hard hearts reject Jesus. Shallow hearts quickly turn away from Him. Distracted hearts drift away. Open and obedient hearts flourish with Him.

Let’s conspire to “Bless those who curse you,” like Jesus tells us to. Too many Christians are alienating and offending people with non-Gospel issues.

The worst mask anybody can wear is the inner mask people wear to try to hide their heart from God.

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Ponder, forgive, & live with hope

Pause, ponder, and perceive fresh inspiration.

If you’ve never pondered
The beauty of the sky,
Give it a try.
Let it get you high.

Ponder, ponder,
Let your mind wonder
And you’ll grow fonder
Of being alive.

Perhaps our primary purpose is to ponder until we’re continually inspired by awe and wonder.

If you will consider your thoughts and ponder how your mind works to encourage or discourage you, you can learn to use it better.

To think a thought is one thing; to ponder it and wonder why you thought it, is something different that can make a difference.

To eat is one thing; to savor your food is to dine. To think is one thing; to savor your best thoughts is to ponder.

Life tends to bend and twist our feelings and thoughts until they’re a tangled mess and we need a realignment.

Before you insult or accuse someone, procrastinate. Then don’t get around to it.

The most effective way to overcome temptation is to avoid it. Temptation distancing really works.

Almost every person on the planet believes that some behaviors are morally wrong. That’s not judging, but freedom of conscience.

To forgive is to free yourself from the tormenting emotions of anger, blame, revenge, bitterness, hatred, and envy.

Forgiveness doesn’t forget. Instead it gives up any presumed right to blame, retaliate, or hate.

Stop trying to “forgive yourself” and instead humbly ask God for forgiveness. You’ll be amazed at the relief and healing you receive.

Life’s give and take can’t make you hate. Be courageously tender by forgiving your offender.

Forgiveness breaks the chain that lets other people control your emotions.

To refuse to forgive is to refuse to heal; to choose to stay stuck in anger and hurt.

Unforgiveness blames others for their wrongs while excusing your own wrongs.

If you want to freely live, ya gotta forgive.

Hoist hope in your heart. Your dreams matter.

Inspiring dreams will motivate you to move forward with hope.

What do you say when you’re trying to encourage someone? Say that to yourself.

Let your mind and your heart work together with neither cancelling the other out.

Success in a bad thing isn’t good. Duplicate kindness, not hate.

Creativity allows the mind to wander into positive pondering and fishes out the best ideas as they flow by.

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Smile until your face gets stuck like that

Smile until your face gets stuck like that.

Happiness isn’t a place. It’s a mindset. A mind trained for happiness is much more powerful than a happy place.

I find much more humor in me and in my own behaviors, than I do in jokes, comedians, or other people’s follies.

Cheerfulness overcomes fearfulness.

When your mood’s in a free fall, hope’s the parachute that can give you a safe landing.

Bad mood,
Inner feud,
Feeling rude
And unglued,
Tells me I need
A better attitude.

Moodiness and happiness rarely kiss. When life feels amiss, don’t let it steal your bliss.

We live in a world where wounds mend, hurts heal, and life does get better.

Attempt a smile-a-thon. Simile 26.2 times as fast as you can. (If you finish, you’re a champion!)

Pondering, reasoning, inner experience, and conscience are often overlooked as tools for learning to be encouraged.

Make your heart safe for happiness. Be careful not to let troublesome thoughts drive out joy before it can take root.

Your brain is wondrous. You can learn to use it to create much more inner joy and delight than you realize.

To compassionately converse with someone, listen with genuine concern, and try to see from their perspective, is beautiful!

I’ve discovered that continually focusing on what’s positive, helps me identify as happy (and prevents identity theft).

As a human, you’ve been given a wondrous gift of identity–you’re made in the image of God.

If you let what is wonderful wander out of your awareness, you’ll be left focusing on problems and pain.

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The Sunday Christian audience is failing

To know the teachings of Christ, without the life of Christ thriving in and through you, is incomplete Christianity. The Sunday Christian audience isn’t getting the job done. There’s not much power in being religious spectators.

There’s no place for forcing or coercing in Christianity. We’re supposed to be led by the Spirit. Christians sit together every week to hear a sermon, yet too often remain spiritually isolated from one another.

The Bible says that the children of God are led by the Spirit. If you’re a child of God, how is the Spirit leading you?

Sermons are sales talks for Christianity. Once you begin to regularly use something in your daily life, you no longer need someone to talk you into

A worldwide group of Christ-followers is seeking an international government that is out of the world’s systems. It’s called: the kingdom of God.

Jesus didn’t come to religiously institutionalize you, but to open your spiritual eyes. The human heart has the ability to pick up a supernatural signal, come alive, and get online with the living Jesus.

Because Jesus is alive and present in each of His followers, He doesn’t need a chain of command, but wants to lead each follower individually.

My goal’s not to be a conservative or a liberal Christian. I want the living Jesus to conserve my soul and to liberate me from self-focus.

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The human race is a large group

I’m a member of the largest group of people on the planet–the human race.

Nobody is less human than any other person. Being human is qualitative, not quantitative.

If humans sought to be responsible as much as we seek to be free, we’d solve most of the world’s problems. Our human ability to misunderstand each other is huge.

Most of the world’s problems come from humans being bad. If we’d all obey our conscience, many problems would begin to disappear. The human race has lots of problems and one of the worst ones is mistreating each other.

You can count on people to tell stories, but not to always tell the truth. When we accept a lie, our mind gives us a big alibi to help us justify contradicting the facts.

No one has fully experienced the spectrum of consciousness that is available to human beings. We can always be more aware.

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People connections–heart-to-heart

Nobody’s all bad.
Nobody’s all good.
What a mixture
Is personhood!

Be a good surprise today. Be kind to someone who doesn’t expect kindness from you.

There’s no logical reason not to give every person you encounter a warm, friendly greeting. Be logical!

Everyone has some sadness. You’ll never meet a person who couldn’t use a little kindness and encouragement.

Relationships improve when we spend more time communicating heart-to heart and less time pontificating.

Life goes better when people help each other with words and actions, instead of hurting each other with them.

True human connection shifts conversation from the mind to the heart.

To experience life from a different perspective, you don’t need a change in geography–a change in your heart is more effective.

Persistent kindness connects people heart-to-heart. Continual suspicion separates people.

If you’ve never learned to interact with people without experiencing argument and conflict, it’s not too late.

When Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” He didn’t mean to refuse to patiently listen to people you disagree with.

When you obey Jesus and “love your enemies” by connecting heart-to-heart, you see that they’re a lot like you.

There’s no reason to withhold kindness from any human being. Jesus said: “Bless those who curse you.”

Sometimes encouragement doesn’t just happen. Sometimes you need to search for it.

The most complicated object in the universe is the human neck-top computer (brain). Too often we let it “sleep” thru out the day.

If we don’t learn to make room for the living Jesus in our daily life, the elephant in the room is that we’re trusting self more than Him.

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There is no “they”

Since no person is non-human, the human race is a great big “we.” There is no “they.”

If any humans are considered subhuman, it lowers the entire human race.

All history matters–even the parts you don’t want to know about.

Skin color doesn’t make people different. It just makes us look different.

Seeing a kind and cheerful smile can make my day, regardless of the color of the face.

Let’s all identify ourselves as more human and less a particular skin color. 

Empathy is perhaps the most underused ability of human beings.

I grew up as a little human child (like all the rest of the people on the planet).

Freedom of speech means that people should be free to talk about injustice in American history, without being accused of shaming.

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