Affirmations (“neuromanaging”) can give you hope & happiness

Happiness doesn't come in a bottle
Or by being as smart as Aristotle.
It comes by flooding your mind
With thoughts that are kind.

For inner peace
And rest
To the best.

In a world of negativity, we need positive affirmations as a counter balance to keep us from tipping over into discouragement. When negative ideas threaten to pull you down, positive affirmations can resist and overcome them. That requires mental discipline and self-effort.

An affirmation often repeated eventually becomes a strong belief. Affirmations steer the mind toward the thing affirmed. Choose affirmation, not defamation.

Affirmations recognize and appreciate what your already have going for you. They embrace the good things in your life. Instead of letting your mind and emotions run amuck, “neuromanaging” applies the frequent use of positive affirmations to focus on hope.

Positive affirmations are statements that empower people. The more they are said, thought, written, or read, the more power they release. Affirmations challenge negative thoughts, words, feelings, and desires by focusing your attention on helpful alternatives.

Affirming words, frequently heard, read, or thought, will greatly enhance your life. Repeated frequently over time, they will gradually improve the way you think and feel. They will literally reprogram the subconscious mind and encourage it to embrace hope and happiness.

Using positive affirmations is a mental skill that you can train yourself to apply regularly. Affirmations direct the power of your subconscious mind toward the ideas that you most frequently affirm.

Fill your life with positive affirmations. Read my book, Elephants Inspiring The Room.

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Everyone knows it’s windy

Too many Christians wear a windbreaker to try to keep the wind of God’s Spirit from influencing their life. The Bible calls that “quenching the Spirit.” You can’t control the Wind of God’s Spirit, but you can try to avoid its impact on your life.

Your heart is like a windmill. It doesn’t work right until the Wind of God’s Spirit is blowing thru it. Without the Wind of God’s Spirit, the human heart quickly fills with cobwebs, spiders, and creepy things.

Your conscience is God’s Wind whistling in your heart. The invisible energy of God’s Wind should never be ignored and avoided. The Wind of God’s Spirit is the cure for the storms in your soul.

When Jesus is living inside of you, it’s windy. He continually blows away things that distract you from His will. When you hide from God’s wind, fog fills your heart. God’s wind is destructive to sin, but it caresses the soul.

What’s the “Wind Thrill Factor” in your life? How often does the living Jesus thrill you with the actual presence of the Wind of God’s Spirit?

The best plan for your life is to follow God’s plan for you. Until your heart is daily directed and controlled by the wind of the Holy Spirit, you’re settling for less than Christianity. The answer is when we’re continually blowing in the inner wind of God’s Spirit.

The words in the Bible are like wind. They’re meant to blow fresh air into your heart, not to be picked apart by your brain. I love to let my heart soar in the inner wind of the Holy Spirit!

“Church” in English Bibles doesn’t refer to people sitting thru sermons in a religious building, but to Spirit-led people gathering.

Cell groups, life groups, home groups? Perhaps what churches need are “practice groups,” where people can practice what they heard in the sermon. The living Jesus can’t be contained by religious cages.

The living Jesus
Is like the wind.
He’ll never fit in
Our religious systems.

Turn your face
To God’s wind
And let Him
Refresh you
From within.

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My high card is never high enough

If you don’t always
Draw an Ace,
The card of a perfect life,
You need God’s mercy.

All humans
Fall short
Of what
We’re supposed
To be,
That’s why
We need
God’s mercy.

Let the Ace of Hearts
Red like the blood of Jesus,
Remind you
You’re on His heart.

Just because I’m unaware
Doesn’t mean that
Sin isn’t somewhere
Hiding in my heart.

I need to be continually
Changed from within
Or else my behavior
Will descend.

All human boasting
Is vanity.
We have and are
Is a gift
We didn’t earn.

I don’t have to feel guilt to be guilty. Silencing my conscience doesn’t make my thoughts, words, and behaviors right. Until I deeply feel my own unworthiness, I can’t appreciate the grace of God.

It’s easy to tell who’s wrong in any argument–everybody involved. No one is 100% right. Lord, show me where I’m wrong.

Low morale will corral your life in mediocracy. Hopefulness will set you free. Without ongoing emotional dependence on the living Jesus, we become personally detached from His reality and settle for formalism.

Detached Christianity is a formalism that lacks ongoing, emotional engagement with the living Jesus. It’s satisfied if people have a onetime experience with Him. Detached Christianity relies on rules, coercion, and education, instead of on the indwelling Christ.

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Elephants inspire . . .

You know they’re cute. Let them inspire you.

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No matter how big it smiles, self-focused Christianity (“selfie-anity”) doesn’t present a clear picture of the risen Jesus. If your Christianity doesn’t look like the Book of Acts, it’s based more on habit and tradition than on the living Jesus and His word.

Lukewarm living isn’t Christianity. Halfhearted sermons preached to lukewarm people don’t accomplish much. To be halfhearted is to be apathetic. To be lukewarm is to lack heartfelt compassion.

The Bible calls Christians “living stones,” but halfhearted Christians are stone cold. A meeting of the body of Christ should be more than a Sunday morning run-through of a religious program. Church too often presents Jesus as being systemic — that you belong to Him just because you joined & attend a religious group.

When Jesus indwells you, you don’t have to look far to find Him. Until Jesus feels at home in your heart, you won’t either. Rebelling is an indication that we may lack Christ’s indwelling. Heroic, Spirit-led Christianity is far different from the lukewarm versions.

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War elephants can help you win your inner battles . . .

In history, war elephants (elephants that have been trained to be used in combat) have been powerful weapons. They were used to charge and rout the enemy. The most famous use of war elephants was when Hannibal used them to win a battle against Rome during the third century BC.

Elephantry is the word that was used for military units of elephant-mounted soldiers. Don’t let negativity troop through your mind and conquer it with discouragement or anxiety. Learn to use elephant affirmations (bold, powerful, positive statements) in the room of your mind. They can inspire you to victory over your inner enemies. Elephant affirmations are ready to fight for you, if you learn to use mental elephantry.

But how? I’ve written a handbook of 365 elephant affirmations that you can use to help you create a victory atmosphere in your mind and heart. Check it out here. Your victory awaits!

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Not a fountain of youth, but a book of uplifting truth

Let uplifting words
Be like birds
And sing their song
As you go along.

Hope-filled thoughts
Will make your day
As they fill your mind
Along the way.
Read: Elephants INspiring The Room.

A book of
Uplifting truth
Can help you more
Than a fountain of youth.

Inspiring ideas
On every page
Will give hope to people
Of any age.

Live your life encouraged,
Not discouraged.

Some people play to forget; others forget to play. Elephants INspiring The Room will remind you to play.

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The transparent touch of triumph

If your heart
Is untouchable,
Your life will be

Don’t live without
The invisible touch
That you feel within
And not on your skin.

The invisible touch
Of a compassionate word
Can heal a heart
That’s disturbed.

The touch,
That can make
Your soul
Restored and whole,
Isn’t be felt
By the body.

An untouched heart
Has a lonely heart beat
That pumps blood
But is incomplete.

There’s an invisible touch
Inside me
That ignites triumph
And makes me transparent.

People can walk
Arm in arm
And still be
Out of touch
With each other.
Heart matters.

To look without compassion,
To observe and not be touched
Is the sign of a cold heart.

When there’s no
Spiritual well
Inside of you,
Life is like
An empty shell.

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Elephants INspiring The Room

Announcing my first “non-controversial” book! Beyond politics, history, and religion–just what America needs: 365 original, heart-inspiring statements and dozens of uplifting elephant illustrations!

Inspire yourself with 365 fun, original, and encouraging statements. You’ll smile, be inspired, and feel your stress melt away and your hope rise. The entertaining elephant illustrations scattered throughout the book will delight your eyes and your heart.

Enjoy the many uplifting thoughts and pictures or give them away to make someone’s day. Here are some samples:

#28) There are solutions to your problems. Even if you can’t solve them . . . time will.

#88) It’s best not to accept every thought that shows up in your mental app store. When a tormenting app pops up in your mind, don’t agree with its terms and conditions.

#158) Being overjoyed becomes a common occurrence when you believe delight is your destiny.

#297) If you’re looking for comedy, the best place to start is with your own behavior.

#320) When you feel like you’re stuck in darkness, look up. The night sky is amazing.

If you’re tired of overused motivational sayings, this creative “elephant” approach to positivity will be refreshing.

Great gift idea!
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Better skin?

The skin
You’re in,
Even with
Less melanin,
Is no better
Than the skin
Others are in.

To look down on, or ignore people because of the color of their skin is a major flaw in the content of our character. Judging people by the color of their skin and using that as an excuse to devalue them, was and always will be evil.

To see skin-color-based slavery as a minor flaw in a nation’s history, but present-day mask mandates as tyranny is a major misconception. There was and is nothing trivial about melanin devaluation.

Learn more about the skin you’re in. Let’s get over the skin-hierarchy thing.

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