Experience an actual demonstration of ekklesia (Zoom or in person)

An invitation to experience an ekklesia (1 Corinthians 14:26) meeting with me:

You and one or more people who are hungry for more of Jesus are invited to meet with me and one or more spiritually hungry people on Zoom or in person. We will then focus on the presence of the living Jesus. As we feel prompted by Him, we will say and/or do whatever He tells us to. Jesus will take control of the gathering and the meeting will amaze you.

If you’re interested, you can contact me by leaving a comment on this post and/or at stsimms@live.com and we will set up a time.

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Don’t Toss Boss Jesus

The boxed-up Jesus.
He’s been too long confined
And entwined
By the human mind.
His presence is
Too often declined
And removed
From life’s daily grind.
As humankind
We are designed
To be continually defined
And refined
By Him
And aligned
With His presence.
Don’t toss
Your Boss.
Make Jesus your daily Lord!

Church too often gathers
Without giving people
The opportunity
To experience the healing unity
Of unboxed Spirit-prompted,
Open-hearted community.

Some Christians only like Jesus if they can keep Him in a Sunday religious box and far away from daily life. As long as the new wine of God’s Spirit is kept boxed-up in religion, Christianity will only be a faint shadow of what God wants it to be. When Jesus is all boxed-up and neatly put away, we’re only pretending to be Christians.

Jesus is out of the grave and out of the box and He doesn’t appreciate people trying to return Him there. Boxed religion, handed out and consumed on Sunday morning, does little to change the world during the week. I need to let Jesus box me in His glorious presence, not try to box Him in my desires, feelings, and opinions.

Praying outside the religious box unlocks the power of God. Let the Holy Spirit carry your prayer to where you directly connect with the living Jesus.

Too many sermons are like boxed lunches — mass produced, bland, and quickly forgotten. The Bible doesn’t belong in a sweet religious box. It belongs in your heart where the living Jesus can ignite it!

Today Christians need more than Sunday preaching. We need one another’s spiritual and emotional support. Make church a Christ-led support group. Because human desires are often deceptive and destructive, we need discernment to decide which desires to delete and which to develop.

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Reality matters! Racist history, prenatal life, man and woman

An approval approach to culture attempts to cancel people’s freedom to abstain from offering applause to other people’s choices. When kindly pointing out reality is considered to be hate speech a society is sinking into deep deception. It’s not unkind to disagree when people try to define reality by their desires.

Reality matters. People who disagree with you aren’t wrong just because you want them to be.

Reality matters. Desire doesn’t define reality, but it can stop us from seeing reality.

Reality matters. A child in the womb isn’t nonhuman because the mother wants it to be.

Reality matters. The cruel racial horror in American history isn’t erased because some people want it left out of textbooks.

Reality matters. A man isn’t a woman or a woman a man because he or she wants to be.

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Movin’ on up–beyond mental and emotional pain . . .

Mental and emotional pain are warnings that your thinking and behavior are self-damaging and need to be adjusted. To have the mind of Christ we must let God’s Spirit direct our mental traffic.

Invite the living Jesus into the home of your heart and ask Him to heal all that’s not right in there. Then open wide the door of your heart to everyone you know so that Christ in you can show Himself strong on their behalf and set them free from their demons. (See Luke 4:38-41.) If it wasn’t for demons and their inner accusations, temptations, and torment, maintaining mental health wouldn’t be so difficult.

If God can speak to your preacher God can speak directly to you! Listen to Him! Jesus said, “Learn from Me.” It’s not enough to just learn from a preacher or a book. It may be easier to trust a religious professional to hear Jesus for you, but it’s much more powerful to hear Jesus for yourself. If we believe that a religious professional needs to control a church service, then we don’t trust the Holy Spirit to directly lead it.

Everyday read the Bible with an open heart–every day, every single day–at least 5 minutes. Listen to Jesus as you read.

Let your heart
And your head
Be ever lead
By Christ in you.

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Respecting human life in all colors and phases

I remember the signs
That said “Colored” and “White.”
Even as a little boy,
Completely unaware of
Critical Race Theory,
I knew that wasn’t right
And my country was wrong.

Respect all human life.
Don’t just pick and choose.
It’s not right to abuse
The miracle of human life
In any color or phase.

Wow! Wonder Of Wonders!

400 million sperm
Racing toward
A solitary egg,
But only one wins
The right
To unite
And thus begins
The wonder
Of human life.
Respect that winner
In all of life’s phases
Because that’s where you
Got your start.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com
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America’s biggest & cruelest lie

We need a clear eye
To see beyond
America’s big lie
About black skin color.

The biggest lie in American history–told on this continent for more than 400 years–declares Black people to be inferior. Both Black people and White people in America have been influenced and brainwashed by that old, old lie. America has lived with that big lie that has made its citizens believe that it’s okay to treat Black people with less respect than White people. That lie must be boldly renounced and continually refuted until it’s no longer believed by anyone! The horrific (mostly hidden) history of disrespect for Black people in America needs to be told openly and publicly rejected.

Black skin is a gift from God that Colonial America falsely declared to be an excuse for human trafficking and abuse. 400 years later we still struggle to overcome that lie. For many generations American churches supported the lie that black skin meant people were inferior. Some still do. Millions of Black Christians speak out against racism but far too few White Christians do.

Thinking less of people based on their skin color is a cruel game, a card that should have never been played. To react to the color of a person’s skin before you know the content of their character is racial bias. Americans of African ancestry deserve no less respect and no less justice than Americans of European ancestry.

People of all skin colors are equal. Avoid acting like they aren’t. No human life should be. brutalized. We should have no tolerance for brutality! Click here for a tool to help overcome America’s biggest lie.

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My Monarch

My Monarch,
My spiritual head,
Isn't a butterfly
Or a professional guy
Who heads
A religious organization.
It's the living Jesus!

People are blessed,
God is glorified,
Jesus’ love is manifest,
And we pass the test,
When we step out
Of our comfort zone nest
And obey the inner promptings
Of the Holy Spirit.

The more Christians are organized and controlled by religious systems the less they’re organized and controlled by the living Jesus. Church is about organizational control. The kingdom of God is about learning to follow and obey the inner voice of the risen Jesus. They often contradict.

When one person sets and controls the agenda for Sunday services, church becomes a human monarchy instead of an interactive, Spirit-led community. Jesus needs to be both Savior and Lord–Redeemer and Monarch! Like a Monarch Butterfly, most people see the life of Jesus Christ as beautiful, but they refuse Him absolute authority over their life as their ruling monarch.

Traditional church falsely teaches Christians that they have nothing to say and nothing to do but sit and listen. House church? A religious hierarchy that meets in a house isn’t very different than one that meets in a church building. Because Jesus is everywhere, He doesn’t need a human hierarchy to run His kingdom for Him.

The body of Christ needs places to gather in Christ’s living water that aren’t controlled by hierarchies and organizations. The body of Christ isn’t about a religious organization; it’s about heart-to-heart connection! There’s no Shepard like the living Jesus. Follow Him every day.

Jesus announced, “The kingdom of God is at hand.” His disciples said, “We must obey God rather than man.” It’s time to, “Love your enemies.” To be gloriously forgiven, surrender your “Top Secret Documents” to the living Jesus and let Him run them through His shredder. Jesus keeps knocking and trying to lead His people, but many Christians are too focused on programs, preachers, and churches to notice Him.

You need to be a sermon
That points people
To the risen Jesus.
You're not done
If you just hear one.

Christians need to
Learn to say "Hi,"
Without a hierarchy,
To together stand
Without a human
Chain of command.
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Defeat your demons!

The daily news demonstrates how demons working in and thru people say and do cruel things to people. As humans we need to learn to recognize, refute, and resist the voice of demons when they insert their wrongful thoughts into our mind.

Demons are spiritual beings that strive to deceive and to entrap human beings in destructive, tormenting and/or impure thoughts and behaviors. They like to disguise themselves as a person’s own thoughts, feelings, and desires so that people will freely surrender to demonic bondage. Jesus, the Bible, and the writings of other ancient Christ-followers take demons seriously and call on Christians to resist them and to overcome their influence.

One of the important gifts of the Spirit is “the discerning of spirits” which helps us recognize demonic activity in ourselves and in other people and not be deceived by it. We can also recognize demonic activity because it openly contradicts our conscience, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible.

In the Bible we see Jesus exercising authority over demons to bring freedom to individuals in bondage. This reminds me of the tormenting demons Jesus has driven out of my life (some suddenly and some gradually) and I am re-astounded — amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene! As astonishing as that is, it’s also astonishing that Jesus gives Christ-followers, His agents, authority over impure spirits both to drive them out of their mind and heart and to set other people free from demonic torment. One practical way we can drive out demons is to openly, spontaneously, and honestly pray out loud together and allow our heart-felt, Spirit-led prayers to bring us into deeper intimacy with the living Jesus and cause the demons to begin to flee. When people open up and honestly pray together freedom happens and it’s a beautiful thing to watch!

When statistical Christianity replaces mystical Christianity, we’re counting data instead of relying on the risen Jesus. Demons aren’t afraid of religious statistics, but they’re terrified of Christian mystics who maintain a daily, intimate relationship with the living Jesus.

When Christians gather to take turns spontaneously praying aloud from their heart the presence of Jesus manifests among them. They become aware of Jesus and experience His peace. A powerful way Christians can “forsake not the assembling of yourselves together” is to meet for heart-felt praying. Frequently express what God puts on your heart by praying aloud with people.

If you don’t want an ungodly thought, feeling, or desire to be inside of you, then it comes from another source than you and should be persistently resisted. To believe that you are the only source of the wrongful thoughts, feelings, and desires inside you is to be deceived by demons. The desires and thoughts within us originate from three sources: 1) Self, 2) Demons, and 3) God. The quality of our life depends on which source we train ourselves to follow.

If the actual presence of the living Jesus is rarely the center of attention in a church service, we’ve gotten far off track. Many churches now feature Christless sermons — secular-based motivational speeches disguised as religion.

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The forefront of your mind and the center of your heart

To believe that Jesus rose and is now present everywhere yet neglect to daily interact with Him is to miss the point of Christianity. For Christians to wake-up is to become gloriously aware that we carry Christ’s presence and to begin to let Him freely work in and through us today!

Making churches better and more efficient institutions won’t advance Christianity. Surrendering control to the living Jesus will! You won’t be able to follow the risen Jesus unless you keep Him continually in the forefront of your daily life.

Many Christians let Jesus hang around in the background of their life, but they don’t want Him to be in the forefront. Always keep the living Jesus in the forefront of your mind and the center of your heart!

Some thoughts that you shove into the background of your mind are coming directly from God. Notice them. The faint voice in the background of your mind trying to gently disrupt your plans is often Jesus prompting you to a better life. When a Christian courageously invites Jesus to step out of the background and instead to become Lord and Master everything changes!

Beware! Many churches now feature Christless sermons — secular-based motivational speeches disguised as religion.

It's hard to hear the sound
Of Jesus in the background.
Why not let Him come around
To the center of your attention
And set your life on His solid ground?

Jesus in the background,
Churches operating like
He's nowhere around. 
That's the hollow sound
Of empty religion.
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Today experience life with Jesus

Look for Jesus today. He’s everywhere. If you notice Him, listen to Him, and obey His inner promptings, what a day today will be! Today notice Jesus everywhere you go. Surrender to His presence. Rely and depend on Him every moment.

For many Christians, Jesus is like the sky. They believe He’s present, but they rarely notice Him. To keep Jesus out of your today is to keep Him out of your life. The most ignored gift of the present moment is the omnipresent Jesus. Every day that I let Jesus lead me makes it easier to let Him lead me the next day.

Today is the time to experience life with Jesus! The fact that you woke up this morning means that Jesus hasn’t given up on you. When I wake up Jesus is always there to greet me. He can manage my day much better than I can. Today I will keep my attention focused on the risen Jesus.

The next time you pray will be the first prayer of the rest of your life. Make it humble and heart-felt.

The long-ago Jesus and the someday-in-the-future Jesus are both far removed from now. Let the today Jesus live and work in you. Jesus-past and Jesus-future are both unapproachable today. But Jesus-present is now reaching out to you. Respond to Him!

You can hear and/or read about what Jesus did in the past and will do in the future, but you can only experience Him in the now! My best life can’t compare to the life of Christ living in me!

To follow Christ, you need to be daily discipled and led by the living Jesus. When I listen to and obey Jesus, today is never a rewind of yesterday. Make today a day-long encounter with the risen Jesus.

If you allow Jesus to actively live in you today, He will lead you from the inside out. Every day brings more opportunities to interact with the risen Jesus!

I love it when members of the body of Christ meet together as a Spirit-led team. Christians need to interact with the living Jesus together, but you also need to interact with Jesus by yourself.

Spirit-led people are no longer in bondage to the desires of human nature. They’re directed by the Spirit not by their wants.

Instead of pursuing our own desires, feelings, and opinions, Christians are supposed to be daily led by the promptings of God’s Spirit within us. (See Romans 8:14.) We humans don’t know how bad we are and how much we need God’s mercy until we sincerely want and try to be good. It’s human nature to be desire-led, but Jesus wants His followers to be Spirit-led instead.

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Praying with diverse Christ-followers

My wife and I have for years have been praying heart-to-heart with diverse Christ-followers (from various churches and even those who are done with traditional church). On the phone, online, or in person, we meet with one or more other believers and pray with and for each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

Currently God is leading us to reach out to more people. In the past few months, He has introduced us to 4 new couples who are passionate about Jesus — two in their 30s and two in their 60s — who don’t know each other. We’ve been praying individually with all 4 couples, plus we have several other individuals and couples we pray with often. It’s amazing to experience the deep unity and power of the Spirit even though none of us go to church together.

Experience the unity of the body of Christ. Regularly pray with various Christians who don’t go to church with you. The family of God is far bigger than any church. Those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God — true family members. The best way to get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ is to pray with them one on one or in small groups. Try it and see!

Christ’s body encompasses genuine Christ-followers from “every kindred and every tribe.” Go beyond your church and experience amazing heart-connections. Discover the supernatural unity of all true Jesus-followers. Open your heart to pray with and connect with all who follow Him.

I want to see a world-wide move of God awaken millions of church attendees to the moment-by-moment reality of the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and daily, heart-to-heart, Spirit-led connection with the risen Jesus. Praying with diverse Christ-followers is a step in that direction.

God wants to give you invisible visions that are seen with your heart awakened to the reality of Christ in you. Learning to pray with others will open the door of your heart.

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