When you believe in Jesus you rely on Him every moment

“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” ―C.S. Lewis. When you believe in Jesus you rely on Him every moment

Believing is trusting–
Relying on someone
So much that
We comply
With what they say.

If we aren’t
Living in reliance
On the risen Jesus,
We’re living in defiance
Of Him.

To believe
In something
Is to rely
On it.
To rely
On Jesus
To comply
With His will.

My self-reliance
Puts me in defiance
Of God’s mercy
And grace.

When I deeply consider
My insufficient ability,
My unreliability,
And my emotional instability,
I realize
That it’s not wise
To rely on
Myself alone.

Belief in self
Eventually collapses.
Believe in Jesus
Who never lapses.

Believing in Jesus isn’t as easy as we’ve been led to understand. It involves relying on Him instead of on self-effort. When you believe in a chair you trust it; you rely on it; you surrender to it. When you believe in Jeus, you do the same with Him. Faith isn’t just a declaration of belief. It’s an ongoing demonstration of belief.

The more we trust in self-effort, the less we have faith in and reliance on the ever-living Jesus. The more we believe in (rely on) self, the less we believe in (rely on) Jesus. “He must increase; I must decrease.” Rely on Jesus first — more than on self, church, preachers, government, media, or anything or anyone else!

Pride often causes us to believe in (trust in) self-effort more than we believe in (trust in) the risen Jesus. When we truly believe in Jesus, we trust Him and rely on Him throughout the day. Until we do that we haven’t fully believed. To say we believe in Jesus if we don’t trust and rely on Him is a lie. We may acknowledge His existence, but we don’t fully believe.

To fully rely on God’s grace, we must deeply realize that we are lost and hopeless without His mercy and forgiveness. Following the risen Jesus and following self are mutually exclusive. We can’t do both at the exact same moment.

To rely on myself more than I rely on the ever-living Jesus is a sin. Instead of trying to love yourself more, start loving your neighbor (and your enemy) as much as you already love yourself.

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Self-righteousness is sneaky

One of the reasons we Christian humans don’t live without sin is that when we start to believe that we have stopped sinning we accidently slip into the sin of pride and become modern religious Pharisees. That’s so easy to do and to not even realize that we are doing it. Yes, we have power over sin, but the devil deceives us into believing we are without sin long before we really are. Then we are eager to “cast the first stone” at those we see as still sinners. Paul who as a Pharisee thought he was holy, persecuted and tried to kill the Christians because he thought they were sinning against the Law. History shows that self-righteousness is perhaps a very dangerous sin. Because of that sin, the Pharisees had Jesus executed by Rome. After leaving the Pharisees to follow and obey the living Jesus, Paul saw the truth and wrote in Scripture: “I am the chief of sinners,” “O wretched man that I am,” and “I know that within me, that is within my flesh dwells no good thing.” I’ve never seen those biblical truths on a bumper sticker.

“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.” (1 John 1:8) It’s easy to overlook our unintentional sins (and our sins that we do in unawareness) and to think we’re sinless when we’re not. Here’s an example: Quenching the Spirit is a sin. Unless we do every single thing that the Spirit tells us to without resisting Him in any way, we sin by quenching the Spirit. If we miss the mark (even once–even a tiny bit) we sin. Anywhere or anytime I’m not perfectly aligned with God’s will, I am sinning. It’s easy to overlook our unintentional sins (and our sins that we do in unawareness) and to think we’re sinless when we’re not. Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.

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Is it good for people to sample your example?

A bad example
Good words.

When words
And actions
Believe the actions,
Not the words.

Before you follow
People’s example
Check out
How their behavior
Is turning out
For them.

Be careful
What you watch
Hear or read
Because it may lead
You somewhere
You don’t want to go.

You’re a role model,
Whether you
Want to be or not.
Whatever rolls
Out of your life
Is an example
For other people
To sample
Or to avoid.

People tend
To imitate others.
Make your actions
Worth imitating.

The way you live
Your daily life
Tells everybody
What you really believe.

When you do things
You don’t want
Others to do,
You encourage people
To do those things
By setting a bad example
For them to follow.

When selflessness
Is replaced
By self-love
Is harder to find.

When you’re
Extra kind
You can unwind
People’s anger.

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Christ-like people inspire me!

Be an example
Of Christ
Living in you
So that the world
Can sample
His presence.

It’s time
To love Jesus more
Than ever before.

Instead of trying
To love myself,
I seek to be
Less like me
And more
Like Jesus.

If a person
Will be still
And ponder
In the presence
Of Jesus
He will shine

People believe
What they see.
Let them view
Jesus Christ
Living through
And in you.

Show people
How to believe
In Jesus.
His reality
By letting people
See Him come thru
When you trust in
And rely on Him

Isn’t mental cognition.
It’s inner ignition
Where Jesus
Burns in your heart.

A Christ-follower
Continuously interacts with
And surrenders to
The ever-present Jesus.

God’s charging station
Isn’t a preacher
Or church service.
It’s Christ in you.
Plug in to Jesus within.

When there’s no room
In the Sunday program
For Jesus to work,
A church is just
Spinning its religious wheels.

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Tribute to His majesty, my Monarch!

Like a monarch butterfly
The kingdom of God
Looks for a place to land
In your heart.

The monarch who matters most is the ever-living, ever-present King Jesus. King Jesus can set you free from the tyranny of your own desires. The monarchy every society needs is not a political king, but the functional kingship of the ever-living, ever-present Jesus.

God wanted to rule as King of ancient Israel, but they preferred a political king. (Human nature hasn’t changed.) When Israel asked for a king so they can “be like all the other nations,” God said, “They have rejected Me as their king.” When the kingdom of God, the city of God, the government of God, are ignored, people look instead to human authority.

If Jesus Christ isn’t enthroned in your heart, you’re outside of the kingdom of God. Crown Him as your King! The Crown in your heart belongs to the ever-living Jesus, yet you have the power to withhold it from Him. Reorient your thinking and behavior to God’s monarchy. Jesus put it this way: “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

The invisible King, the ever-living Jesus, is easily dethroned from a human heart. Disloyalty to Him is widespread. O that people would pour out their hearts in love and affection for King Jesus as they did for Queen Elizabeth! He ever lives!

King Jesus is too often treated like King Charles. Although He reigns, we refuse to let Him rule. When churches make a pastor the head of the congregation, they turn Jesus into a mere figurehead instead of the functional Head and living King! If churches were effective at making godly disciples of King Jesus, so many church goers wouldn’t be embracing ungodliness.

I’m a royalist. The ever-living, ever-present Jesus is my King, and He has adopted me as a member of His royal family.

The idea of an earthly monarch is a distraction from the kingdom of God. When the people wanted to make Jesus their political king, He refused. Their “Hosannas” couldn’t distract Him from His mission.

The only one with a divine right to be a king is Jesus! When we neglect to give our loyalty and obedience to the monarchy of Jesus, we reject the kingdom of God.

There’s only room for loyalty to one king in a person’s life. I surrender to the presence, power, and authority of King Jesus.

Make Jesus your King, not self! As much as you love yourself by focusing on and taking care of your own needs and desires, love your neighbor in the same way. Jesus didn’t advocate self-love. How could He? He preached self-denial, taking up your cross, and following Him. Jesus wants us to love others as much as we focus on our own desires and needs. He calls us to shift our focus from self to others.

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“Sermonoply” (The Sunday morning monopoly)

When one person monopolizes a church mic every week that’s a sermonoply. Giving a pastor mic control causes him to be seen as a college style teacher more than as an approachable, listening, and caring shepherd. The greatest sermon falls far short of the simplest encounter with the living Jesus!

True preaching isn’t a religious professional’s Sunday morning performance. It’s the risen Jesus overflowing from anyone’s heart. I find it sad when the presence of the living Jesus is overshadowed in church by the sound of a sleepy, one-speaker sermon.

Giving one-person an every-Sunday sermonopoly is stressful for them. Adding a title to their name increases their stress. When few people could read and books were rare, giving an educated person a sermonoply made a lot of sense, but not so much today.

I believe that the Sunday sermonopoly prevents us from experiencing much that Jesus wants to do when we meet in His name. The Sunday sermonopoly rarely allows time for Q&A, testimonies, comments, or gifts of the Spirit. It tends to crowd them out.

I’ve always been bored by a sermonopoly. I don’t like hearing the same person speak every week for years. It’s always seemed odd to me that churches full of intelligent people hire one person to monopolize the mic on Sunday morning. If you don’t encounter and interact with the living Jesus, hearing a sermon is just sitting through a religious talk.

Preacher, pass the mic around. Give Christ the opportunity to speak thru other members of His body. When church trains people to just listen to sermonopolies it doesn’t do them a service. The church focus on a sermonopoly proclaims that only one person in a congregation is qualified to speak about God.

Church created a sermonoply controlled by the pastor who often unintentionally trains ordinary people to sit and be silent about Jesus. If Jesus is truly alive and omnipresent, then He can take control of the church mic and lead people to stand up and speak as He prompts them.

If we would break up the preachers’ sermon monopoly, the members of the body of Christ would begin to awaken to their ability to speak for Jesus. Ekklesia (a Spirit-directed meeting of the body of Christ) goes beyond the preacher’s sermonopoly by letting anyone present speak as they are led by God’s Spirit.

If you won’t listen to your conscience, it doesn’t do much good to listen to a preacher. Jesus first! Give Jesus the monopoly in your heart!

I think this quote explains why so many sermons seem lifeless. “My aim is that every sermon series I preach is prepared as though I am teaching a college level course.” –Adam Hamilton

Here’s my tiny part of today’s sermon. For Christ-followers closed doors aren’t disappointments. They’re God’s protection.

When Christians gather
To worship God
Perhaps the words
That are said
Can be Spirit-led,
More than just read
From study notes
Or religious quotes
Or simply said
From the head
But flow from the heart
With great passion
And joyous expression
As prompted
By the living present Jesus.

God is everywhere
No matter where
You go today
He’s already there.

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The heavenly city’s earthly gathering

For me, the city of God is now! The risen Jesus continually thrills me! I love being aware of Jesus’ presence with me throughout the day.

In ekklesia meetings Christians can interact as Spirit-led citizens of the city of God. Church offers people endless preaching and ongoing teaching but not much training on how to listen to and obey the living Jesus.

Fully embracing this little message from the prophet Haggai can wake up the body of Christ. “I am with you, declares the Lord.”

People who follow the invisible authority of “Christ in you” are often seen as rebels by people who think that spiritual authority comes from religious titles. That’s because they are living now in God’s heavenly city.

A forgotten word,
Can be rediscovered.
A lost concept
Can be uncovered.
People who’ve been
As hard as a rock
Can become living stones
And let the risen Jesus
Build them together as one.
Make church ekklesia again!

In church
We’re taught
What we ought
To do.
In ekklesia
We train
To let Jesus reign.

People act irrationally when they look to drugs and alcohol for emotional relief. Yet many of the same people will reject God because He can’t be proven by reasoning.

The rainbow is a call to humbly bow to God’s reign, not an invitation to chase the storm of our own desires. It’s an invitation to live on earth in God’s heavenly city.

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God’s heart-to-heart “house” of “living stones”

I saw the house of the Lord being built today at a Christian conference where the Holy Spirit was allowed to take over the meeting so powerfully that the closing keynote speaker didn’t want to speak so that the Holy Spirit could keep on leading us. That’s what we need to begin to see happen in our institutions called churches.

Jesus wants to build a “heart-to-heart” Spirit-led house with His followers that includes you in it. He is gathering His people, assembling His body, and building His ekklesia. Let’s become surrendered living stones who fully cooperate with Him.

God's True House

It's time to let Jesus build
The house of the Lord,
A habitation for Him,
Made out of "living stones,"
People connected heart-to-heart.
Let's cultivate an environment
Where Jesus can reign supreme
And can override our human need
To have our will be done,
Where no one can steal the show
And everyone present will know
That Jesus, God's risen Son,
Is the only one in control.
Lord "stir up the spirit" of Your people
To begin to work on the house of the Lord.
(Haggai 1:14.) 
Search: Beyond Church Ekklesia.

Jesus said, “I will build My ekklesia (the participatory town hall meeting in an ancient Greek city),” because He is the foundation of the city “whose architect and builder is God.” The ekklesia is the gathering where Christ-followers can practice transcendent faith and go beyond human order, hierarchy, and religion by learning to be aware of and obey the inner promptings of the Holy Spirit as together they surrender to the direct leadership and Headship of the risen Jesus.
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I saw a famous preacher humbly “step off the monologue” today

Today I witnessed a famous preacher lay down the religious monologue so that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be quenched. Jim Cymbala was to be the closing speaker at the New Room Conference 2022 today. The speaker before him gave an altar call to the 2,000+ attendees. The altars filled and people all around the auditorium were pouring their heart out to God with words and tears and praying for one another.

After about a half hour of witnessing the amazing moving of God’s Spirit throughout the auditorium, one of the conference organizers went to the mic and said something like: “Jim Cymbala came to us and said that he didn’t want to stop what the Spirit is doing if it’s alright with us, so we’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing.” Then the moving of the Spirit continued and even intensified among us.

Perhaps igniting a spiritual awakening is as easy as falling off the religious monologue. Maybe the Sunday monologue has trained many Christians to log off of the Spirit so they can listen to one man.

Instead of throwing another log on the Spirit’s fire, the Sunday monologue often seems to put out the fire. Perhaps we could chop up the Sunday monologue and allow all members of the body of Christ to have something Spirit-prompted to say.

Perhaps the Sunday monologue has become a dead weight that fails to create “doers of the word.” When the Sunday monologue puts Christians asleep, do they sleep like a log? For an alternative to religious monologue, search for: Beyond Church Ekklesia.

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The Jesus (Alpha & Omega) Alphabet

Jesus is The Alpha and The Omega. (Those are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.) Here are Jesus thoughts from A to Z:

  • Adore Jesus.
  • Broadcast Jesus.
  • Celebrate Jesus.
  • Demonstrate Jesus.
  • Experience Jesus.
  • Follow Jesus.
  • Glorify Jesus.
  • Honor Jesus.
  • Interact with Jesus.
  • Joy in Jesus.
  • Keep Jesus.
  • Love Jesus.
  • Magnify Jesus.
  • Notice Jesus.
  • Obey Jesus.
  • Praise Jesus.
  • Quote Jesus.
  • Rely on Jesus.
  • Seek Jesus.
  • Trust Jesus.
  • Unleash Jesus.
  • Visualize Jesus.
  • Worship Jesus.
  • eXalt Jesus.
  • Yield to Jesus.
  • Zoom in on Jesus.

The Jesus Alphabet can unscramble your life! Notice the letter J8 in the picture. Eight represents a new beginning. The 8th day is actually the first new day in the following week. Surrender your will to the living Jesus and let Him give you a new beginning today!

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