Prayer-orities for your sound system

“Prayer-oritize” your life. “Seek first the kingdom of God.” Make staying connected with “Christ in you” your number one “prayer-ority.” If listening to Jesus isn’t a top “prayer-ority” for you, you might think that He’s not speaking to you.

Where can a Christ-follower hang out with the living Jesus? “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” If Christ is in you, like the Bible says He is, you should experience His presence everywhere you go.

Learning to hear and obey Jesus is more important than learning more information about Him. Jesus wants to speak to you internally. Listen to His inner voice with the ears of your heart. The sound system that Christians should be depending on is the sound of Jesus’ voice!

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Jesus on the inside is shocking!

Christ in you should be like an electric current continually flowing from within you. If you were trained to make and maintain direct connection with “Christ in you,” you’d overflow with His presence!

If you’re not aware of Jesus doing anything inside you, He may not be in you.

To be led by the Spirit (Rom. 8:14) is to let the risen Jesus control your thoughts, feelings, desires, words, and actions. If Christ is in you, He isn’t stealth. He’s alive, vibrant, and revolutionizing!

Biblical Christianity is more than to show up for a religious show. It’s a continual showdown with any sin that remains in your life. If you have no intimate, inner interaction with the living Jesus, is Christ really in you?

Jesus left His tomb empty so that He can live inside of you. Roll away any heart of stone and let Him take control within you now! Improve your live stream. Let the living Jesus flow more effectively thru you!

All Christian activity should directly connect people with the living, resurrected Jesus. Most people won’t tolerate a bad phone connection, but many Christians are just fine with a poor connection to the risen Jesus.

When “Christ in you”
Is shut down,
You won’t even
Know He’s around.

When Christ is in you,
Like your foot in your shoe,
He can direct you
In all you do.

If you ignore
“Christ in you,”
You’ll be unaware
Of what He can do.

Let Christ in you
Be loud and clear.
Then you’ll feel no need
To fear.

When Christ in you
Is immobilized,
Christianity is

Spiritual life dries
And often dies
If rivers of living water
Don’t rise
From within.

Get rid of gloom.
Make more room
For Christ to live
In you.

Without Jesus
Living within,
Becomes very thin.

Jesus is unique.
If you get a peek
Of His glory,
No religious technique
Can satisfy you.

There’s more to Jesus
Than history,
And theology.
Try continual

If a Christian method
Doesn’t connect people
With the living Jesus,
It’s dead.

When Christianity becomes passivianity:
Sit, sit, sit,
Listen & forget.
Do it over & over . . .

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Zombie heart or living heart?

To be alive on the outside but dead on the inside is to be an inner zombie. It reveals a need to be born from within. Let your heart come alive!

Hearts, passionate about Jesus, radiate like red hot lava, but when the passion dies, they harden into stone. “Stir up the gift within you.”

When inner life is like a freeway traffic jam, shut down by plans, programs, habits, and addictions, the Spirit is quenched. For the fruit of the Spirit to grow in abundance requires that we let the Holy Spirit freely flow both within us and among us.

Creating an environment where joy can freely flow from human hearts (innocent, Spirit-led joy), is one of my great delights. Demonstrating the joy, love, and peace of the living Jesus is much more effective than theologizing about Him.

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33 3ff3ctiv3 ways to innovat3 & improv3 your lif3

33 effective ways to innovate and improve your life:

1) Cultivate a better attitude.

2) Rotate your schedule.

3) Renovate your thinking.

4) Investigate something positive.

5) Meditate on good things.

6) Activate your goals.

7) Facilitate a new friendship.

8) Motivate yourself to dream.

9) Regulate your desires.

10) Deflate your ego.

11) Allocate time to help other people.

12) Separate from negativity.

13) Replicate the happiness you see in other people.

14) Advocate self-improvement.

15) Elevate your level of hope.

16) Incorporate uplifting ideas into your daily lifestyle.

17) Emulate people who inspire you to be better.

18) Propagate positivity.

19) Celebrate life.

20) Demonstrate kindness.

21) Concentrate on the things that encourage you.

22) Contemplate the good things that are in your life.

23) Eliminate unkindness from your life.

24) Mandate to yourself that you remove any mask that is on your heart.

25) Participate is some new, positive and uplifting activities.

26) Invigorate the people around you.

27) Anticipate good things coming your way.

28) Communicate with compassion.

29) Educate yourself in practical ways to make your life better.

30) Liberate yourself from harmful thoughts and habits.

31) Rehabilitate your broken dreams.

32) Congratulate and encourage people everyday.

33) Commemorate the many good things in your life.

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Attendee-ship or discipleship

Much that Christians
Call discipleship
Simply says,
“Come be
A church attendee
Like me.”

Atendee-ship sinks. Discipleship sails through even the worst storms.

Christian discipleship launches Christ-like spiritual heroes. Christian attendee-ship sinks people into spiritual purposelessness. The mask that blocks spiritual growth is the one people wear over their heart. If mega churches produced mega discipleship, God’s love would fill the world!

Churches measure their success by their ability to create regular attendees, not by how many people they train to daily obey Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want a fan club that hears talks about Him, but a training camp that creates athletes who win spiritual victories.

Programmed Christianity is like programmed friendship–routine and shallow. Surely God is worthy of more from you than Sunday church attendance.

Church is a religious meeting that requires nothing from its attendees–no action, learning, commitment, courage, or sacrifice. No matter how good your attendance at church, church will never graduate you and freely release you into God’s spiritual workforce.

Church is a difficult place to fit into if you’re passionate about daily following and obeying the risen Jesus. Most sermons, instead of trying to directly connect people to the living Jesus, attempt to tell people what to think.

In the Bible, Jesus called disciples, not attendees. He never said, “Come and attend my service.”

Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” He didn’t say, “Have perfect attendance in church.

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Living like God is real

The witness of God in your conscience is real. Following it will free you from the ravages of guilt. If you don’t overcome your own wrongful inclinations, you’ll live as their prisoner.

Until God appears in your heart, it’s easy to overlook Him everywhere else. To ignore or disobey the stirrings of God in your heart is to jump overboard in the middle of the ocean.

Let the living Jesus calm the agitations of your mind and heart. Nothing can really teach you about the nature and meaning of Jesus Christ but to personally experience and daily surrender to Him. The inner demonstrations of Jesus Christ, in human hearts that wait for Him, is absolutely, utterly amazing!

To make room for Jesus: Open your heart. Overcome your wrong desires. Obey Him. Embrace humility. Love everyone. Apologize quickly. If Jesus isn’t your friend, your teacher, your guide, your counselor, your Lord, do you really have a relationship with Him?

Are sermons wasted time? Until we begin to live up to what we already know about Jesus, it does little good to know more.

The race to apologize has few winners. Most people stall until they drop out. The raging power of pride is a poor guide for life.

Whatever a people trust in and look to for support is their God. The only way to seek Jesus is to seek Jesus first. If He’s not first, we’ll be distracted by other things. The fruit of the Spirit only grows in tender-hearted people. (Galatians 5:22.)

Bloody behaviors are far too common when people rely on outward weapons instead of spiritual ones. Trusting the living Jesus to protect you is more powerful than trusting physical weapons.

If you’ve not been taught by the Spirit,
You’ve missed out on the most important teaching
And still need to hear it.

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Bubbles are distracting (and empty, too)

Bubble Voices
If you let
What's said from without
Make you doubt
What your conscience
Says within you,
It will reroute
Your life

Denial is an ongoing series of bubbles (designed to hide the truth). Reality continually pops them.

What we call reality is made up of electrons temporarily spinning around mostly empty space (like a bubble). They disguise themselves as something solid.

Pleasure is based on bubbles that continually burst. Joy is produced by the Spirit of Christ living within you. It never ends.

Trying to find yourself is like trying to catch and keep a bubble in your hands. It’s exhausting and frustrating, but losing yourself is service to others releases joy.

If you don’t like someone’s skin color, take it up with God. That’s a bubble that they had nothing to do with.

Church too often bubble wraps the idea of total commitment to the living Jesus, but Christ wants to burst your religious bubbles! The Bible mixed with prideful boasting creates bubbles that eventually burst.

We often don’t realize
That to choose
What defies
The will of God
Has consequences.

Life is full
Of bubble and burst,
The best and the worst.
Put your hope
In Jesus first!

Lighten your load.
Bring your burdens
To the light.
Receive fresh insight
And delight

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Christian unbelief in the resurrection of Jesus

Religious ceremony
Without living testimony
Is like eating
Plain macaroni.

A lack of believe that Jesus is alive, present, and speaking to them, causes Christians to rely on religion, ceremony, and sermons. Pure water and pure thoughts are more refreshing than murky ones.

Worship that keeps Jesus at a distance doesn’t get to know His daily presence and companionship. If you won’t willingly make room for the living Jesus in your life, He won’t make you let Him in.

Do nothing church that trains people to do nothing but listen has no power. “Faith without works is dead.” Dead religion, crusty ceremony without living testimony, is not what Jesus is about!

Your conscience is a candle that carries the inner light of God. Refuse to snuff it out. God frequently makes me conscience of my conscious and shows me things I don’t really want to know.

The person who forgives first wins the battle to overcome bitterness. People don’t like to listen to angry, agitated people. They’ll hear you better if you’re calm and kind. Live like Jesus is risen and present in all you think, say, and do.

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It’s insightful to compare slavery and abortion

Abortion today carries on much of the legacy of American slavery, claiming complete rights over other human lives. With a closer look, slavery and abortion look like cruel twins (fraternal, not identical), but many people find the similarities between slavery and abortion, too uncomfortable to talk about. Still, every argument for the “right to abortion” can be found in the historical arguments used to justify the “right to own slaves.”

Slaveholders and abortion supports had (have) little tolerance for people who disagree with their position. Slavery said that the Free States in America had no right to an opinion on slavery. Abortion says men have no right to an opinion on abortion.

Slavery and abortion don’t want people who disagree with their practices to have the freedom of speech. Slaveholders claimed that other people had no right to care about their victims. Abortion supporters make the same claim.

Both slavery and abortion claim that nobody has a right to criticize their cruelty. They claim that what they do is a private matter. Slavery said that Black lives didn’t matter. Abortion says that prenatal lives don’t matter.

Both slavery and abortion claim to have the right to cruelly disrespect and abuse certain human lives. They both declare that some human life shouldn’t have legal protection.

Slavery and abortion both attacked their opponents as “single issue voters.” They both continually attempt to reduce their victims to a subhuman status.

Both slavery and abortion deny any rights to their victims based on the idea of possession or ownership. Because prenatal human lives and slaves are not free to express the the abuse of their life, they have no recourse.

It was said, slaves wouldn’t have a good enough quality of life to justify their freedom. Today, many justify abortion with that approach.

Both slavery and abortion have used Supreme Court decisions to try to try justify their cruelty. Also, many churches and denominations have strongly supported both slavery and abortion.

Slavery appealed to the junk science that “some humans are less evolved than others are.” Abortion appeals to to the false idea that “conception doesn’t begin life.”

When abolitionists began to meddle with slavery, slaveholders cried: “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do with my propery.” When the US tried to make laws against slavery, slaveholders said: “My property, my choice.” History repeats itself. Today the cry is “My body, my choice.”

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Freedom of speech includes the fuller story of American history

We can displace
The idea of race
By taking time
To erase
The lines
That divide us.

There are many ways that the human race can be divided into categories. Skin color may be the most illogical one.

Freedom of speech includes the right to talk about the cruelty and brutality of slavery and Jim Crow even though hard hearts don’t want to hear about it. Regardless of our skin color, it would be good if all Americans knew the fuller story of our American history.

The history of slavery is an example of how people can fool themselves into to thinking that barbaric cruelty and brutality are justifiable. To heal our nation’s racial wounds we need a more open understanding of our history. This can help.

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