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Amazed, astonished, & awed by Jesus!

I’m continually mystified–amazed, astonished, and awed by the living, resurrected Jesus. To encounter the awesome wonder of the risen Jesus is forever life-changing! To close your heart to Christ is not “self-protection.” It’s self-deception! Jesus fills my heart with both … Continue reading

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How’s your Christ-connection?

How’s your Christ-connection? 1) Is Christ freely flowing from your heart like “rivers of living water”? 2) Is Christ continually showing in your lifestyle — in the things you say and do? 3) Are you growing closer and more obedient … Continue reading

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The Contagious, Combustible Christ!

The contemporary church concentrates on communicating calculated content. –The early church concentrated on catching & carrying the contagious, combustible Christ!

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And The Sunday Morning Church Spotlight Shines On . . . ?

And the Sunday spotlight shines on . . . ?  In participatory church many people share Scriptures, short teachings, testimonies, prayer requests, gifts of the spirit, words of encouragement, prayers, etc., so no one steals the show and the spotlight … Continue reading

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Christ-Connections Create Community

Thank God for Christ-connections with other people! As a child and teenager, I felt very distant and isolated from others. I really didn’t know how to connect with or relate to other people very well. I had one friend in … Continue reading

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Part-time Christianity won’t work. If Christ is not your all, you’ll fall.

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The face of Christ, etched behind my eyes, is the pillar of my soul.

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Christ in you is . . . (not the hope to cope; or the hope to just get by; or the hope to get blessed with some money; no, no). We need to realize that “Christ in you is the hope of glory!” God longs to visibly demonstrate His holy Presence and His glory in and through believers . . . if we will genuinely surrender to His will and allow ourselves to become undone before Him; if we will truly give up our plans, our programs, & our control.

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Christ is visibly manifested in the church not when we merely hold meetings about Him; but when we actually encounter His Presence in our midst, individually listen to Him, and then obediently do whatever He prompts us to do in the meeting.

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“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.” –C.S. Lewis. Since Christianity is so important how about some all out, wide open, fired up, no looking back, unending pursuit of Christ in Nashville? Anybody interested?

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