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God’s everywhere. (It’s silly to try to hide.)

I know thatGod knows meAnd focusesOn me withAttentive awarenessThere’s nothingI can hideFrom Him.Even if I triedEverything’s outIn the open.He even knowsMy secret pride.Nothing can be denied.He knows what I decideBefore I choose it.He knows my every strideBefore I take it.He … Continue reading

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All Saints Eve & Day are for celebrating Jesus-first people

It’s All Saints Eve–a day before All Saints Day, set aside to honor Jesus-first people. Don’t be distracted by devils. “Hallow” is an old English word that means “to make holy or set aside for holy use.” Use today (and … Continue reading

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Thinking about Jesus-first people

I love to spend time with people who keep Jesus first in their heart and lifestyle. Although they seem to be distracted from much of the details and desires of daily life, they have a burning focus on Jesus. They … Continue reading

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God is non-fiction — worship Him & see

Worship isn’tThe posture we takeOr the noise we makeIt’s when we forsakeOur focus on selfAnd allow God to rakeOur heart with His presenceAnd make us wide awakeTo His reality. AnyplaceYou open your heartIn honest and humbleAdoration of GodBecomes a placeOf … Continue reading

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Distractions are subtractions that take away your sense of purpose.

If you never click the delete icon in your mind, you’ll live distracted all the time. Distraction isn’t a disorder. It’s the lack of rigorous self-control. Look not at what isn’t good to see. Click not where going isn’t good … Continue reading

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Christianity is about individuals, not clones in religious institutions

Until we gather with and spiritually connect with Christ-transformed individuals, there will be little unity among Christians. When Christ-transformed individuals recognize each other there’s an instant sense of kinship and community. I sold black history books during college summers and … Continue reading

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Words in my heart are my wake-up call

I wake up in the morning and Jesus puts words in my heart. I respond by passively pondering and the words come together as individual phrases (and sometimes as poems). These are the words that manifested in my heart this … Continue reading

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A ground-breaking wake-up thought this morning

As soon as I woke up this morning, I wrote this on a slip of paper: (“If Christ is in you, He’s not just there passively. He’s there actively working in you.”) That was ground-breaking in my consciousness. Now, after … Continue reading

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Christians meeting with heart-felt awareness of Jesus

Acute awareness of the risen Jesus requires much more than hearing a talk about Him. It requires direct, personal, ongoing, and interactive encounter with Him. It requires a knowing beyond head knowledge that ignites the heart with awe-filled aha and … Continue reading

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Is a Christian still a sinner?

It’s easy to see sins in other people; it’s much harder to see them in yourself. It’s easy to “plead the 5th” and hide your sins, but until you confess them and receive forgiveness, they’ll cause you much misery. To … Continue reading

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