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Christianity unapplied is Christianity denied

ChristianityAppliedIs to letThe risenJesusResideInsideAnd beYour innerGuide. AnythingThat tellsOr compelsYou to quenchThe Holy SpiritIs contraryTo God. If you never overflow with heart-felt expressions of faith in and love for Jesus, there may be a kink in your spiritual hose. Spirit-prompted expressions … Continue reading

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Compassionate sensitivity (life’s ignored superpower)

It takes inner strength to maintain a sensitive heart. The weak attempt to protect their heart by hardening it. Compassionate sensitivity is life’s ignored superpower! Heart-felt caring works miracles! When life seems heartless, refuse to let it make you heartless. … Continue reading

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Jesus “led captivity captive”

Gravity’s invisible force keeps my feet on the ground. Jesus’ invisible force lifts me up with hope and encouragement. He captivates me with His glory! The Holy Spirit is teaching me that the goal of His teaching me isn’t to … Continue reading

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Cultivate a great desire for inner peace

Good or bad,The habitsYou cultivateCreateYour life. If you don’t cultivateYour inner environmentIt will deviateInto chaos. To cultivatePeace of mind,RegulateYour thoughtsTo alignWith God’s design. If you won’t cultivate your mind and heart, ugly weeds will overgrow your inner landscape. A garden … Continue reading

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Be a faith adventurer

Faith adventurers are Christ-following disciples who go beyond the rope that marks the boundary of shallow religious boxes and begin to flow on the depths with the risen Jesus. They let go of the bottom and trust the buoyancy of … Continue reading

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Ever bedazzled by Jesus?

To behold Jesus,“Be still and know.”Peacefully ponderHis presenceWith your heartOpened to wonderAnd soon His realityWill manifestWithin and around youAnd you will beRapt in aweAnd wrappedIn ever-increasing glory.Behold the Lamb of God,Not just for a few momentsHere and there,But begin to … Continue reading

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Cussing lacks logic & maturity

ProfanityIsn’t the languageTo communicateSanity. Inserting crude references to body parts, intercourse, damnation, feces, eternal torment, etc. into a conversation seems illogical and immature. Cuss words are usually spoken from habit, anger, frustration, or insecurity, rarely from logic. The desire to … Continue reading

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Actuation makes the risen Jesus real (to you)

got actuation? When you actuate Jesus, His water park breaks out inside you: “Rivers of living water will flow from within,” “A spring of water welling up to eternal life,” “Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in … Continue reading

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Sentimental religious aspiration or dedicated discipleship application?

When you resistThe inner riversOf the Holy Spirit,You can cause themTo be stuck, stymied,Stalled and stagnantInside you.Instead, prepare the wayFor the Lord’s riversSo they can freely flowIn and through you.(“Quench not the Spirit.”) Sermon-hearing oftenLeads to aspirationAn inner wishTo live … Continue reading

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God’s way is the way out

Because we humans are unwilling to fully obey God’s laws, guilt is our common human experience. To refuse to algin your life with God is to reject His love and compassion. To ignore, avoid, or resist the living God is … Continue reading

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