Sin makes mental health difficult.

Although the word sin is seldom used today, its activities are as popular as ever. We live in an age that refutes the concept of sin, while encouraging people to celebrate and boast about their bondage to sin.

Love disapproves of anything that harms those it cares about. That’s why God is against sin! The more people are aware of God and His presence, the more they realize the evil that hides in their own heart.

The seeds of every sin are in each human heart. Your life will be much better if you refuse to let them grow in yours.

Sin is a cycle. It feels fun but leads to pain. Then it offers more fun to relieve the pain — over and over again. Excuses are mental games that attempt to cover up sin with self-protecting justifications.

Sin is compelling and controlling. Its consequences are cruel. Christ came not to condone it, but to uncage its captives.

The fleeting pleasure of sin soon morphs into guilt’s ongoing, inner gnawing. Society says to celebrate the sin that is in your heart. Biblical Christianity says to renounce and turn away from it (repent).

Sin is life mismanagement. The cure is to surrender yourself in obedience to the free gift of Christ’s daily leadership. Sin makes mental health difficult. Much of our pain, discouragement, and heartbreak is caused by our own sin. The risen Jesus wants to untangle us from our mess.

Grace isn’t a pass to sin. It’s a path to freedom from sin. Will you daily walk its unmerited path to mental health, peace, and wholeness? Grace was never intended to enable guilt-free sinning, but to break sin’s bondage and set its captives free.

Repentance and forgiveness can make guilt melt, yet many people prefer to medicate it or deny it instead. Pride causes us to have trouble acknowledging our sins, being sorry for our sins, and turning away from our sins.

Relief from guilt doesn’t come by denial or self-medication. It comes by stopping the sin and receiving God’s forgiveness.

The results of freedom depend on the choices of the free. They can choose harmful thoughts and behaviors or helpful ones.

Folding in the face of temptation embraces fleeting fun and a fractured future full of guilt. Yet, repentance can bring restoration.

If you lie to others, you will lie to yourself. Then you’ll be stuck in meaningless mythology of your own making. It takes courage to obey your conscience and speak truth. If Christians emphasized attending to your conscience as much as attending church, the world would be a better place.

Anger presents retaliation as good and unkindness as justified. Jesus, however, said that we are to love and forgive one another.

About Steve Simms

I like to look and think outside the box. In college I encountered Jesus Christ and I have been passionate about trying to get to know Him better ever since. My wife and I co-lead a non-traditional expression of the body of Christ in Nashville based on open participation and Spirit-led sharing. We long to see the power and passion of the first Christ-followers come to life in our time. I have written a book about our experiences called, "Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible--Ekklesia" that is available in Kindle & paperback @
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  1. Jon says:

    True words, all!

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