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Are you locked in vigor-less Christianity?

When your problemsGet biggerYou need moreOf Christ’s inner vigor. Daily surrenderTo Christ’s vigorIn your soulWill make you whole. To “stir up the gift”Of “Christ in you”Requires vigorousInner actionTo renew your passion.Complacent satisfactionWon’t do it. You don’t needTo excuseYour behaviorWhen you … Continue reading

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Make room for Jesus to

Make room for Jesus.Unblock His wayThen go and doWhatever He may say. When there’sNo room in the inn-Er partOf your heartFor the risen JesusTo reign as King and Lord,Any Christianity expressedIs only nominal. Sermons without discipleship produce a sentimental Christianity … Continue reading

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The Man who is the plan (the way)

Any plan other than the living Jesus, the Guide who wants to live inside us, can easily be a distraction from being led by the Spirit. Before Jesus came into the world, God gave Moses plans for the tabernacle which … Continue reading

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Marinate in Jesus!

Marinate in JesusUntil He saturates,Permeates,And activatesYou from within! Let JesusLive in youAnd flow throughAll you sayAnd do. When your heartAnd mindAre entwinedWith Jesus,You’ll be alignedwith His will. Unless we let Jesus grasp, captivate, and take control of our heart, we’re … Continue reading

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Jesus chose . . .

Jesus choseLove, not force,Humility, not pride,Truth, not deception. Jesus first:Before self,Before money,Before a nation,Before pleasure.Matthew 6:33. To approach Jesus as just a religious idea or concept is to miss out the glorious reality of “Christ in you.” Christianity was never … Continue reading

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Christ in a pew isn’t the hope of glory

The most powerful person in the room, when Christians gather, is the living Jesus, yet we act like He’s not even there. Christians know how to stare at a preacher. Now let’s dare to be aware of Jesus’ real presence … Continue reading

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The now Jesus will wow you

Let the ever-present Jesus wow you now. The now Jesus is like the now air, yet we’re often unaware that He’s keeping us alive. Let the risen Jesus out of the religious past. Free Him from the distant future. Now! … Continue reading

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Looking & behaving like Christians (making faith real)

Church is too often like a car salesperson who lectures people about his vehicles, but doesn’t let anybody drive them. Many Christians have never been trained how to interact with the living Jesus thru out the week and don’t know … Continue reading

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Vibrant with the living Jesus

When Jesus introduced Himself to me, it wasn’t about theology. He made my blind eyes see. Church, without the actual presence of the risen Jesus, is like licking a picture of an ice cream cone. There’s no reason for awe … Continue reading

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The internally empowering Jesus needs no middleman

When we cut out the middleman and let the living Jesus directly empower us from within, Christianity rises to new levels of glory. What people say and do, shows the world whether or not they are surrendered to the internally … Continue reading

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