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Wretched me

“O wretched man that I am.” I woke up with these thoughts and responses running through my mind this morning: Thought: When I’m discouraged. Response: Lord Jesus, fill my heart! Thought: When I’m sad. Response: Lord Jesus, fill my heart! … Continue reading

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Christ-saturated or religiously dominated?

Pride is self-saturation. It’s a swamp of anxiety that is always on guard and defensive, but Christ-saturation abounds with inner peace. Christians should be Christ-saturated not religiously masqueraded. If you’re saturated with the risen Jesus, only a Christ-like attitude will … Continue reading

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Have a Spirit-filled, hippity hoppity Easter!

Have a hippity hoppity Easter! Hop out of religious formalism and into daily interaction with and obedience to the risen Jesus. Christ-centered Christianity is continually conscious of the presence and power of the risen Jesus! Happy Resurrection Day! Church history … Continue reading

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Noticing Jesus!

Jesus-spottings,Jesus-encounters,Jesus-miracles,Jesus-friendship,And Christ in you:All are happening todayBecause He is risen indeed! Too often the risen Jesus is unobserved. His resurrection is proclaimed but His presence isn’t noticed. We need to recognize Jesus not just hear talks about Him. Go beyond … Continue reading

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Can the devil throw you with a stone?

Attune toChrist in you.Let Him guideFrom insideYour heart.Be Spirit-led,Not desire-led;Jesus-led,Not temptation-led. Beware of the devil’s stumbling stones! What you let Christ do in you is much more powerful than what you try to do for yourself. A plastic surgeon can’t … Continue reading

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Make every now a holy wow!

Take the King’s crown in your life off of yourself and keep it ever on the living Jesus Christ. As Christians we don’t need more strength. We need fuller surrender to Christ’s strength. Any day without glimpses of God’s glory … Continue reading

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Merry today! Don’t wait for Christmas Day to celebrate God’s amazing gifts to you!

The time between the first Advent (coming) of Jesus and His second coming is the Spirit-led era of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”Advent, the annual remembrance and celebration of Jesus’ birth, should never be a substitute for daily … Continue reading

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Be a Christ-carrier and let Christ carry you

If “Christ in you”Is true about youThat means youAre a Christ-carrierAnd you takeThe ever-living JesusWherever you go.” When we beginTo let the risen JesusContinually radiateFrom deep with usAnd to no longer accommodateThe world’s corruption,We’ll experienceA glorious disruption,An inner Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Are you locked in vigor-less Christianity?

When your problemsGet biggerYou need moreOf Christ’s inner vigor. Daily surrenderTo Christ’s vigorIn your soulWill make you whole. To “stir up the gift”Of “Christ in you”Requires vigorousInner actionTo renew your passion.Complacent satisfactionWon’t do it. You don’t needTo excuseYour behaviorWhen you … Continue reading

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Make room for Jesus to

Make room for Jesus.Unblock His wayThen go and doWhatever He may say. When there’sNo room in the inn-Er partOf your heartFor the risen JesusTo reign as King and Lord,Any Christianity expressedIs only nominal. Sermons without discipleship produce a sentimental Christianity … Continue reading

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