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The body of Christ & accountability

I’ve been blessed with amazing experiences. Every day I encounter something amazing. Christianity should be a contemporary Jesus movement, not a religious monument where people are lectured about what Jesus did in the past. Christians are supposed to be experiencing … Continue reading

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Spiritual baby food is good for a season, but not for a lifetime!

When presentation and pretense are prioritized above the spontaneity of Christ’s presence, religious organization overrides the Holy Spirit. History reveals that when revival (a mighty move of God) starts, established churches work to curtail, coral, and control it. So many … Continue reading

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Spirit-led to focus on, follow, & glorify Jesus

We can’t be Spirit-ledIf we’re unwillingTo move ahead. Christians who don’t learn to be led by the Spirit are missing out on what it means to be a child of God. (See Romans 8:14.) If Christians won’t learn to be … Continue reading

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Let Jesus live in you & tell you what to do

When ChristIs freely allowedTo live and reignIn you,He will continuallyRenew, empower,And refresh you. Christ in you is not “the hope to cope”–to just get by as a carnal Christin. He wants to live within you and be “the hope of … Continue reading

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Looking for Jesus?

Jesus’ body assembles and becomes visible when people gather in His presence to all listen to His inner voice and do what He prompts them to do. To ignore your conscience is to ignore the living Jesus. He’s ignored so … Continue reading

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Insight to let go of your fright

Let go of your fright Jesus is alive Inside the heart Of true Christ-followers, But if we’re unaware And fail to see Him Living in there, We’re stuck in dark night Spiritually blind, Without inner sight, And won’t behold the … Continue reading

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Christian spirituality isn’t a dinosaur

Christian spirituality is ongoing interaction with and surrender to the living Jesus, that produces the fruit of the Spirit. It’s based on the risen Jesus, not on meeting attendance, legalism, or self-assertion, and needs to be a lived reality, not … Continue reading

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Jesus is my inner engine, not my outward religion

When things in your life shut down, open up to the risen Jesus. It’s always a great time to connect with the risen Jesus and to learn to hear and obey His voice. If there’s no outpouring of Christ from … Continue reading

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Heart-prayer disrupts Christian complacency

Is there a prayer brewing deep within your heart? Be careful. It will stir things up if you let it freely flow out. When prayer is allowed to freely flow from the heart, as prompted by the Spirit, it’s one … Continue reading

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Spiritual hunger — it cries out for more of God

You can’t satisfy spiritual hunger with physical stuff, constant activity, meaningless distractions, or mind altering substances. If you aren’t spiritually hungry, you may be full of worldly distractions. Spiritual hunger isn’t satisfied to hear a talk on the gifts or … Continue reading

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