End heart-stemic racism

Racism is heart-stemic. It stems from the heart and can make any system corrupt. Love God; love people. When the people in any system have the guts to obey “the two greatest commandments,” systemic racism will disappear. Let’s end heart-stemic racism.

Unless society trains people to obey their conscience and choose kindness instead of hate, systemic changes won’t eliminate injustice and heart-stemic racism will continue. That’s because systems function at the morality & justice level of the people who run and staff them.

Heart-stemic racism is especially dangerous because it convinces itself that its opinions about people are true and moral. It has a stealth effect because it often hides beyond our awareness. However, compassionately listening to people will expose any heart-stemic racism that is hiding within you.

As long as people in institutions and organizations have racial judgments in their heart, there will be systemic racism. Passive racism ignores people because of their skin color. While systems are run by and include people, they’ll be no better than those people.

When overt racism is illegal, heart-stemic racism operates in subtle ways. Heart-stemic racism usually finds a way around anti-racism, systemic changes. Systems are maintained by people. If people won’t change, systems won’t. Systemic changes can sometimes force outward compliance, but can’t change human hearts.

The lie that says that “black people are inferior” was created disguise both systemic and heart-stemic racism. The failure to expose racial tyranny in our history that was supported by that lie, distorts the way we see our past. Color-blindness has trouble seeing thru that disguise. It has trouble seeing either systemic or heart-stemic racism.

Systemic change without heart-change means that what’s in people’s heart will continue find ways to come out. Corruption stems from human hearts: No corrupt hearts means no corrupt systems. System changes won’t stop systemic injustice until habitual attitudes are changed.

We can’t change what’s heart-stemic in people’s heart, but the living Jesus can! He can fix hearts and replace heart-stemic hate and injustice with kindness and love. Jesus doesn’t say follow a system, follow your heart or follow a man. He says: “Follow Me

A true walk with the living Jesus replaces heart-stemic racism with love for all. People who truly love God, want to be kind and to stand for fairness for all, regardless of systems, peer pressure, or tradition. Love’s not systemic and never will be. Systems can make people love. A new heart can.

Injustice always disturbs the peace–the peace of mind of those mistreated by it. Racial injustice and unrest is discouraging, but there is real hope for healing and justice, thru history, fresh insights, strategy, and even humor. For some fresh insights on how to overcome the stubborn persistence of American racial discord, search for: Off the RACE Track From-Color-Blind to Color-Kind.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

About Steve Simms

I like to look and think outside the box. In college I encountered Jesus Christ and I have been passionate about trying to get to know Him better ever since. My wife and I long to see the power and passion of the first Christ-followers come to life in our time. I have written a book about our experiences in non-traditional church, called, "Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible--Ekklesia." If you need encouragement, search for: Elephants Encouraging The Room and/or check out my Amazon author page. Thank you!
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