Chauvin’s conviction breaks a pattern

Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd breaks a pattern. History is full of abusers of black people (many who are considered heroes) who were never held accountable for their actions.

The politics of race has prejudiced untold juries against convicting abusers of black people. More than 4,200 lynchings of black people (between 1880 and 1970) have been verified. Politics caused almost no one to be convicted for those horrible crimes.

The details of the cruel legacy toward black Americans have been mostly left out of our history books. (Although demons of racial injustice have stirred up much hate and cruelty, they have been mostly unnoticed by everyone except their victims.) Since history’s perpetrators of racial injustice are dead, it’s too late to bring those abusers of black people to justice, but it’s never too late to openly and humbly expose the truth of the brutal things that they did.

Now the question is: After this breakthrough of justice for George Floyd, will we continue to break the pattern of color-blindness toward racial injustice against blacks both in the present and in history by opening our eyes to truth?

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