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Don’t just sit in church. Get up and obey God’s Spirit!

Jesus out of the church box so He can rule and reign in your heart. Take the risk to hear and do what His Spirit is saying. Begin to notice and obey His inner promptings throughout the day. I propose … Continue reading

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Jesus can . . . Let Him . . . The revival will come!

Jesus can do amazing things when people gather in His name. Revival happens when we let Him! It happens when people realize that Jesus can take over and be the One in control and they humbly let Him! Revival: Jesus … Continue reading

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The type of meeting that can manifest and maintain a Spirit-led movement . . .

The ancient Greeks had the secret to maintaining a movement. Jesus borrowed their word for it! Spiritual movements happen when people spontaneously open their heart to one another as equals and to Jesus as their daily Lord. Institutions don’t maintain … Continue reading

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Bring back the Jesus Freaks: America needs more than political Christians

Over 50 years, somehow America went from Jesus Freaks to political Christians. Jesus Freaks made Christianity spontaneously contagious. People took off their masks and caught it from them. They didn’t hope in politics, a bag of tricks, or a religious … Continue reading

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The sudden surprise that changed my life

I was 19 when I walked into a dorm-based campus gathering that met to talk about & experience the living Jesus. As I heard someone share how he had met Jesus & been “saved,” something began to happen in my … Continue reading

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Realigning with the kingdom of God

God wants to govern people from the inside out. “The kingdom of God is within you.” The Christian life is about realigning your life to Christ’s inner government– the kingdom of God. We can’t “quench the Spirit” and “be led … Continue reading

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Christianity like you’ve never see it before!

Christianity like you’ve never seen it before. https://amzn.to/2Qh27CR

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Jesus’ inner energy changes perspectives

Steady streams Of inner energy Entered me When Jesus Entered my heart. Delight & felicity Aren’t found through folly But forged by faith.Jesus can make Joy the norm In your life. Even in a storm. How can church members be … Continue reading

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Thoughts about being a radical Christ-follower

I met Christ in the Spirit-led atmosphere of the Jesus Movement and never adapted to programmed, preacher controlled meetings. That’s one reason I think differently than institutional religion does. I find a religionized Jesus to be tame, benign, and boring, … Continue reading

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The Secret Of Revival & Spiritual Movements — Encountering God Together

Though out the past 2,000 years there have been many revival movements and spiritual awakenings (large and small) in Christianity. In the 1970s, I was part of one of those movements which was called the Jesus Movement. It was a … Continue reading

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