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When people say, “The end justifies the means,” it’s usually because their “means” have become mean.

Human life has a splendor, but if we fail to see it within us, it’s hard to see it in anyone else. Check out my book about kindness. Search Amazon for: Off the RACE Track–From Color-Blind to Color-Kind.

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2 thoughts & some verse about blaming & unkindness

You don’t have to approve of things you disagree with and you don’t have to be unkind either. Instead, be honest yet compassionate. Unkind words Go in circles. They return and Bring unkindness To the one Who spoke them. It’s … Continue reading

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What ever happened to the concept of “I respectfully disagree”?

Demanding that people agree with you is unreasonable and can only produce insincere compliance. Instead be kind to everyone. Anybody can insult, mock, and be unkind, but it takes amazing courage to cross color, ethnic, and political lines with ongoing … Continue reading

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Be a light of kindness

Everybody needs kindness; even the people who disagree with you. Why not show them some? Is there a relationship between forgiveness and kindness. (Jesus said: “Whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”) The slightest kindness you show can change a … Continue reading

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