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The world’s most famous execution

The world’s most famous execution, conducted by Rome, got out of human hands, changed the world, and is still healing human lives. The cross of Jesus emotionally undoes open human hearts and then fills them with forgiveness, restoration, and healing. … Continue reading

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Prenatal execution always kills the innocent. Postnatal sometimes does.

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The ultimate death penalty?

Racism is wrong. So is prenatalism. Humanity shouldn’t be mistreated because of skin color or because of living in a womb. Both the left and the right support a death penalty. The right for those convicted of horrible crimes. The … Continue reading

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3 prolife facts

If homicide and suicide are wrong, so is prenatalcide. To be against the death penalty for the guilty, but for the abortion of the innocent, is inconsistent. When prenatal kill replaces prenatal care, ALL human LIVES are devalued.

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