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To experience Christ’s peace you must believe that it exists.

Everything thatI have ever achievedIs like nothingCompared to whatI’ve freely receivedFrom the risen Jesus. You can’t experience Christ’s inner peace if you refuse to believe that it exists. Until you humbly receive the grace to begin to experience and obey … Continue reading

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Poems that point the way to peace

Inner peaceIs releaseFrom anxiety. Troublesome timesCall for a peaceful heart.A peaceful heart comes fromThe inner presenceOf the risen Jesus,Not from current events. AnxietyMakes timeFeel likeEternity,But Christ’sInner peaceMakes anxietyCease. The risen JesusCan shift the gearsIn your heartAnd drive outAll the fearsThat … Continue reading

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It’s easy to overlook inner miracles

When people don’t see God working around them, it’s because they’ve ignored or denied God’s working within them. Begin to notice the miracles happening in your own heart as God lovingly tries to steer you toward Himself and away from … Continue reading

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Living on eagle time

–Be an inner eagle–There are uplifting currentsHidden in your mindAnd undetected in your heart,Thoughts of hopeAnd rising streamsOf inner warmth,That can lift your spiritAnd keep it highLike an eagleSailing on the invisibleUpdrafts of the sky.Extend your inner wings wideAnd begin … Continue reading

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The mental wealth of inner health

True mental wealthIsn’t information thatThe mind has memorized,But a mindsetOverflowing with inner peace. Too much analysis can deconstruct awe and wonder and make you feel like your life’s just a blunder. Spiritual blindness may be humanity’s biggest problem. The ordinary-izing … Continue reading

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The beauty of hearing beyond words

A lot can happenIf you will listenTo silence. Let stillnessSettle your inner storms.Then in the quietEnjoy the sweetnessOf peace. Be stillUntil the hushOf unhurried silenceOpens your heartTo awe. The beautyOf peaceful silenceIs beyond words. All isn’t quiet in silence.If you … Continue reading

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Inner peace talk (a key to curtailing violence)

When hearts are at peaceViolence and evil cease. Human heartsAre made to radiateLove and peace,Not to shut downAnd suffocate. Hard heartsBuild wallsThat block the wayWhen peace calls. Making peaceIn your own heartIs a lost art.Today many peopleAre falling apart. Modern … Continue reading

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Life is like bowling (inner peace is too)

When anxiety strikes, get busy. Spare no time knocking down its pins. You can’t knock down the bowling pins of anxiety if you let your mind roll into the gutter. “Life’s like bowling. A pinsetter keeps setting up pins–negative thoughts, … Continue reading

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Logical thoughts about mental health

Mental malware makes maintaining mental health difficult. Don’t just protect your devices from malware. Also protect your mind. Some thoughts produce inner peace; other thoughts wreck mental health. It’s important to notice the difference. Medication can numb tormenting thoughts but … Continue reading

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Lookin’ like a Christian?


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