Why “Off the RACE Track” is Patriotic

The Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag calls for “liberty and justice for all.” Off the RACE Track does too.

The Declaration of Independence declares, “all men (people) are created equal.” So does Off the RACE Track.

The National Anthem calls America “the land of the free.” Off the RACE Track respects the Anthem by honoring forgotten (or ignored) American freedom fighters.

The US Constitution calls for “the equal protection of the laws.” So does Off the RACE Track.

Both the Gettysburg Address and Off the RACE Track advocate liberty and equality. They both also call for “a new birth of freedom.”

So why not try a fresh expression of patriotism? Read Off The Race Track. Get a copy at this link.

About Steve Simms

I like to look and think outside the box. In college I encountered Jesus Christ and I have been passionate about trying to get to know Him better ever since. My wife and I co-lead a non-traditional expression of the body of Christ in Nashville based on open participation and Spirit-led sharing. We long to see the power and passion of the first Christ-followers come to life in our time. I have written a book about our experiences called, "Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible--Ekklesia" that is available in Kindle & paperback @ http://amzn.to/2nCr5dP
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