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“The church,” “the Spirit,” “the blessings”

When there are thousands of disagreeing, independent denominations and churches, the phrase “the church” makes no sense. Anything that distracts our focus from the risen Jesus, quenches the Holy Spirit. Distraction hinders the Spirit’s action. I’m unworthy of every blessing … Continue reading

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If the Son is risen, let’s meet to let Him lead us!

Attending a Sunday showAbout JesusIsn’t the sameAs gatheringTo go with His flow. Water that doesn’t flow becomes stagnant and unpleasant. So do Christians who don’t let Jesus continually flow thru their heart. If church belongs to Jesus, why don’t we … Continue reading

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Systemic religion vs. freedom in the Spirit

Religion is systemic. The Holy Spirit flows. Sometimes they contradict. Sermon-free, unprogrammed, Spirit-led worship is an amazing thing to experience. Spiritual awakening focuses on the living Jesus, not on preachers, churches, or politicians. When church allows attendees no function but … Continue reading

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Liturgy-led, preacher-led, or Spirit-led?

Liturgy-led, preacher-led, or Spirit-led? That is the question for the church of the future. If church doesn’t train Christians to listen directly to God’s “still small voice,” doesn’t that make a preacher God’s middleman? If your insights and spiritual gifts … Continue reading

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What if there’s a more effective way of doing church and we’re not seeing it?

Christians could become stronger if we turned church services into ministry practice for all who attend. Have you ever been to a listen to Jesus meeting–where believers come together, listen to Jesus, and do what He says? Christianity is supernatural interaction … Continue reading

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Nashville’s Hands-On, Science-Lab Style, Doer Church

Doer church? What if a church gathered to let people be doers — to let them hear what the Spirit is saying to them and then actually do it? “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only.” (James 1:22). … Continue reading

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Fire Hydrant Church

Perhaps 2014 is the time for the church to open up like a fire hydrant and let the Holy Spirit flow! When I was a kid, the fire department in our neighborhood would sometimes open up a fire hydrant on … Continue reading

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Spirit-Led Church — Makes You Want To Say: “Oh, My God!”

Church is not about what I want or what you want.  Church is about what God wants!   His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Church is not a place to sit and be told what … Continue reading

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Two Questions About Human Leadership Vs. The Spirit’s Leadership In Church

Here are two questions about church leadership for pastors and so-called laymen: Question #1: Who is the most capable church leader in the world? Answer: The living, resurrected Jesus Christ present in our midst when we gather in His name. … Continue reading

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Which Church Organizational Structure Is From God?

As far as I know, all the thousands of denominations and independent churches around the world claim that their organizational structure is from God.  (At least, I’ve never heard of a church saying:  “Our church’s organizational chart is man-made.”) Here … Continue reading

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