Getting close to Jesus will improve your thinking

Distance yourself from negative thoughts, feelings, words, and images. Isolate from them. Then you’ll be less likely to catch anxiety and discouragement. Open your mind to thoughts that are true, uplifting, caring and pure. Close it to those that are false, destructive, hateful and evil.

Too many people practice spiritual distancing — keeping plenty of space between their heart and personal contact with Christ. As you use social distancing to avoid disease, use spiritual closenessing to improve your relationship with the living Jesus.

For peace of mind, prayer is more powerful than panic-buying toilet paper. It’s hard to panic and pray in the same moment. You can alternate between them, but it’s difficult to do both at the same time.

In a panic attack, counter-attack panic with peace, love, knowledge, wise caution, and faith in the risen Jesus. Panic is when caution gets drunk with worry and anxiety.

If Christians won’t listen with compassion to those who disagree with them, we’ve somehow gotten off track.

Scrimp on sin. Feast on holiness.

About Steve Simms

I like to look and think outside the box. In college I encountered Jesus Christ and I have been passionate about trying to get to know Him better ever since. My wife and I long to see the power and passion of the first Christ-followers come to life in our time. I have written a book about our experiences in non-traditional church, called, "Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible--Ekklesia." If you need encouragement, search for: Elephants Encouraging The Room and/or check out my Amazon author page. Thank you!
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