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Plug into the presence of Jesus right now!

You don’t need more explanations and information about Jesus. Simply open your heart wide to His presence this very moment! Jesus is available to you right now. No need to wait for a religious service. Open up to Him now. … Continue reading

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Getting close to Jesus will improve your thinking

Distance yourself from negative thoughts, feelings, words, and images. Isolate from them. Then you’ll be less likely to catch anxiety and discouragement. Open your mind to thoughts that are true, uplifting, caring and pure. Close it to those that are … Continue reading

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Looking beyond institutional eyes

Institutional eyes only seem to recognize Christianity when its institutionalized, but Jesus is working 24/7/365. Although religion is highly institutionalized, the living Jesus Christ isn’t. The OT prophets, the Apostles, the Reformers, and even Jesus, called people beyond institutional religion. … Continue reading

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