Beyond life’s buzz

Too much buzz and life becomes a fuzz . . .

Like trying to see through a jar of honey.

Now is busy
With the buzz
Of activities and desires,
Thoughts and feelings.
Peace is beyond
The buzz.

Between the lines,
Beyond the words,
So much insight
Waits for us
To perceive it.

An open heart
Can perceive
Beyond the boundaries
Of mind
And senses.

I like the word beyond.
It means there’s more
Than I perceive or feel.
It gives hope.

Freedom is beyond
The bonds that bind you.
It’s not a compromise
With them.

If your mind
Isn’t blown by God,
You’re probably
Avoiding Him.

There is so much beyond
My comprehension, 
That is outside of
My tiny dot of perception.
I don't have enough information
To fully evaluate anything.

Atheism declares
That God can't exist,
But I don't think
That He pays
Much attention to it.
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About Steve Simms

I like to look and think outside the box. In college I encountered Jesus Christ and I have been passionate about trying to get to know Him better ever since. My wife and I long to see the power and passion of the first Christ-followers come to life in our time. I have written a book about our experiences in non-traditional church, called, "Beyond Church: An Invitation To Experience The Lost Word Of The Bible--Ekklesia." If you need encouragement, search for: Elephants Encouraging The Room and/or check out my Amazon author page. Thank you!
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