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Self-forgetfulness is powerful. Try it.

My will and God’s willAre often in conflictAnd then I must chooseWho’s will to restrict.And who’s will to pick.The more I love my will,The harder it is to say,“Not my will,But Yours be done.” Self-focusBlurs realityAnd makes me forgetThat it’s … Continue reading

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Cultivate a great desire for inner peace

Good or bad,The habitsYou cultivateCreateYour life. If you don’t cultivateYour inner environmentIt will deviateInto chaos. To cultivatePeace of mind,RegulateYour thoughtsTo alignWith God’s design. If you won’t cultivate your mind and heart, ugly weeds will overgrow your inner landscape. A garden … Continue reading

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Taming your inner wilderness

If you don’t tameThe wildernessInside you,It will overgrowAnd devour you. If you’re having trouble finding happiness around you, that’s because it must first be discovered and developed within you. Trying to spread happiness and hope to other people is the … Continue reading

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Beyond life’s buzz

Too much buzz and life becomes a fuzz . . . Like trying to see through a jar of honey. Now is busyWith the buzzOf activities and desires,Thoughts and feelings.Peace is beyondThe buzz. Between the lines,Beyond the words,So much insightWaits … Continue reading

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12 CQ — A dozen Conscience Questions for the courageous

Ask these questions in your heart. Then listen for answers. You might get silence on some questions and that’s alright. However, you might have a specific situation come to your mind. If so, be courageous and do what you can … Continue reading

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Inner peace — a beautiful release that makes anxiety cease

Without peace of mind, life will always seem unkind. Anxiety will make you feel like a victim instead of an overcomer. If you continually welcome thoughts and feelings that disturb your inner peace, anxiety will be your way of life. … Continue reading

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Self-e (as in ego) — my thoughts on the subject of “self”

Self-focused eyes have limited vision. Perhaps finding love, joy, peace, and hope is more important than “finding yourself.” Everybody needs something to think about and focus on, other than self. To think outside yourself, it helps to listen to someone … Continue reading

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Pain — Drain, Strain, or Gain?

Pain can be a drain — emptying you of good things. Pain can be a strain — loading you with unbearable burdens. Or pain can be a gain — warning you to turn away from your destructive choices and behaviors; … Continue reading

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Inner peace doesn’t come with fanfare. It quietly creeps into the soul like an inchworm.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” -Colossians 3:15

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The power of interacting to share God’s inner actions!

There’s nothing quite like a group of people interacting to share God’s inner actions. It’s an amazing thing to experience! (God’s inner actions include: spiritual insights, Scriptures that drop into the mind, the working of the conscience, the “still, small … Continue reading

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