Some accepted war crimes

A few of the commonly accepted crimes of war include:

  • Hating and/or killing human beings because of their national origin.
  • Causing horrific violence, death, and destruction.
  • Glorifying violence.
  • Using national pride to justify vicious behavior.
  • Turning over personal conscience and free will to a military commander.
  • Deadly dishonesty, deceit, deception, lies, and cheating.
  • Making multitudes of orphans and widows.
  • Destroying the infrastructure that ordinary people need in their daily lives.
  • Collateral damage.
  • Lack of fairness/using unfair advantages.
  • Bombing people who have no chance to defend themselves and can only hide in shelters.
  • Robbing people of their life, limbs, and mental health.
  • Stealing people’s property when deemed “necessary.”
  • Going along with one man’s decision (or a small group’s) that take the lives of multitudes of people.
  • Demanding and forcing people’s loyalty to those ordering the destruction.
  • Commanding people not to think for themselves.
  • Traumatizing entire populations of people.
  • Celebrating the violent death of human beings.
  • Financially profiting off of the chaos and catastrophes.
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