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Don’t just dream: Be a Bible-verse catcher

Jesus told His disciplesThat the Holy Spirit“Will remind youOf everythingI have said to you.”Let God’s Spirit speakScriptures in your spirit.Catch them when they comeAnd let themRepeat in your heart,Spreading like fireWithin you. To be reminded of the words of Jesus … Continue reading

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Untwisting Scripture, untangling Bible verses

Scripture is designed to help us “Zoom” with the risen Jesus and stay “inline” with Him. Unfortunately it is often twisted in ways that aren’t helpful. Let’s try to untangle a few Bible verses. The Bible points us to a … Continue reading

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The inner Bible interpreter

The best interpreter of the Bible is the Holy Spirit speaking directly to your heart — not a preacher, commentary, FB post, Tweet, or Google search. Think outside yourself. Read the Bible daily and let Christ give you fresh, new … Continue reading

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A book helps me follow Jesus!

(Don’t listen to those who try to get you to think less of the Bible.) Some people claim to “follow Jesus, not a book,” but if they don’t obey the Bible, inspired by Jesus, do they really follow Him? The … Continue reading

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