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Is church like bowling pins and gutter balls?

Are preachers throwing gutter balls? I just had an image come to my mind of bowling pins and gutter balls. The pins were neatly lined up and a man was rolling gutter balls so he wouldn’t disturb them. When God’s … Continue reading

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Insight from the Asbury awakening 2023

God wants to free upSit down and listenChurch attendeesTo stand upAnd freely expressTheir love for Jesus! You don’t needTo go anywhereOr attend anythingTo experienceChrist in you. Whether you were at AsburyOr not,Jesus stillWants youTo surrenderTo His willSo He can fillAnd … Continue reading

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“He gets us,” Asbury, & radical humility in 2023!

The living Jesus is on the move in 2023! In 2023 radical humility will become a common sight among Christ-followers. The risen Jesus invites us to go lower in radical humility so He can demonstrate His presence and power in … Continue reading

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The type of meeting that can manifest and maintain a Spirit-led movement . . .

The ancient Greeks had the secret to maintaining a movement. Jesus borrowed their word for it! Spiritual movements happen when people spontaneously open their heart to one another as equals and to Jesus as their daily Lord. Institutions don’t maintain … Continue reading

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Changing the churches is more powerful than changing the government

In 1519, Martin Luther proclaimed, “Change the church!” In 2023 it still needs changing! Many Christians want to change the government, but our responsibility is to change the churches so that they are led by God’s Spirit. Let’s wake up … Continue reading

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The call that’s out of this world!

The New Testament calls Christians the “called out ones.” That’s the literal meaning of the Greek word that is translated as “church” in most English Bibles. Christ-followers are called to no longer be conformed to the cultures of this world … Continue reading

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Beyond human control to Spirit control

Jesus gave up positional authority and became a servant, yet He has more followers than anyone in history. He is at the top of the authority pyramid in the body of Christ. All the rest of us are servants on … Continue reading

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A Christian worship gathering was first called . . .?

The first Christians didn’t call their gatherings “synagogue” like the Rabbi-led Jewish meeting, but “ekklesia” like the democratic Greek town hall meeting. Gradually the early Christian gatherings turned away from the democratic ekklesia model and embraced the hierarchical synagogue model. … Continue reading

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Experience an actual demonstration of hearing Jesus (Zoom or in person)

An invitation to experience an ekklesia (1 Corinthians 14:26) meeting with me: You and one or more people who are hungry for more of Jesus are invited to meet with me and one or more spiritually hungry people on Zoom … Continue reading

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The Ekklesia poem

Take a peek At the Bible word From the Greek Translated as church In English Bibles And let it critique The way we do church. The word’s unique. “Ekklesia” was the name Of the participatory And interactive Town hall meeting … Continue reading

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