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Skin color is no reason for either shame or pride

Being suspicious of people because of the skin they’re in is to judge them by their color instead of by the content of their character. The color of a person’s skin is never a shameful thing, but corrupt character content … Continue reading

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Reality matters! Racist history, prenatal life, man and woman

An approval approach to culture attempts to cancel people’s freedom to abstain from offering applause to other people’s choices. When kindly pointing out reality is considered to be hate speech a society is sinking into deep deception. It’s not unkind … Continue reading

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Respecting human life in all colors and phases

I remember the signsThat said “Colored” and “White.”Even as a little boy,Completely unaware ofCritical Race Theory,I knew that wasn’t rightAnd my country was wrong. Respect all human life.Don’t just pick and choose.It’s not right to abuseThe miracle of human lifeIn … Continue reading

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Strange conversation with a “non-racist” stranger

I was in a conversation with a stranger last night. When I told him I was a writer he asked what I write. I had him google my author page. When he saw my book, “Off the RACE Track,” he … Continue reading

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Don’t know much about CRT, but I do know . . .

I’ve never read CRT and never taken a class on it. I only know about it through social media, so I’m sure my knowledge of it isn’t very accurate. However, for many decades, I’ve searched American history to learn about … Continue reading

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Cancel-history hides much truth & calls it CRT

When some historyIs considered off limitsAnd kept in mystery,We’re being contradictoryTo the truth. The historyWe won’t faceEnslaves us toA limited and distortedView of our past. Cancel-historyOnly tellsOne sideAnd stiflesThose whoTry to tellThe fuller story. The parts of American historyThat are … Continue reading

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It’s time to move beyond skin color to joyful heart connection!

No matter the color Of the chin I love to see kind faces Radiating love from within! History’s big color-lie That’s far too slow to die Says, “The darker the skin, The less valuable Is the person within.” It’s time … Continue reading

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Devaluing people is contrary to America’s founding principles

If you find it hard to compassionately listen to certain people, that might be because you tend to devalue them. Perhaps, thinking that what people are feeling because of their color, is not worth hearing, is racism. When society devalues … Continue reading

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The CET approach to history — criticize the bad, embrace the good

People are divided about Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT advocates want to criticize the bad things in history, while CRT opponents want to embrace the good things from the past. Perhaps there’s a more balanced approach. We need Critical/Embrace Theory. … Continue reading

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I love to be around misfit Christ-followers who daily walk with Jesus outside of religious boxes.

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