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Skin color is no reason for either shame or pride

Being suspicious of people because of the skin they’re in is to judge them by their color instead of by the content of their character. The color of a person’s skin is never a shameful thing, but corrupt character content … Continue reading

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Respecting human life in all colors and phases

I remember the signsThat said “Colored” and “White.”Even as a little boy,Completely unaware ofCritical Race Theory,I knew that wasn’t rightAnd my country was wrong. Respect all human life.Don’t just pick and choose.It’s not right to abuseThe miracle of human lifeIn … Continue reading

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Devaluing people is contrary to America’s founding principles

If you find it hard to compassionately listen to certain people, that might be because you tend to devalue them. Perhaps, thinking that what people are feeling because of their color, is not worth hearing, is racism. When society devalues … Continue reading

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Ignoring history’s color-based atrocities devalues people of color

To downplay, deny, or hide atrocities that were done to people because of their color, is to devalue all who look like them. To be unwilling to openly tell and expose the full truth about the people who suffered race-based … Continue reading

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I don’t want to be critical of your race theory, but . . .

Guilt or pride for things done before you were born is illogical; being honest about them isn’t. America’s moved beyond a history of intentional racism promoting, to racism denying. That’s progress. Now we need racism healing. Talking about race isn’t … Continue reading

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I grew up being taught BRT (Benevolent Race Theory) not Critical Race Theory

I grew up in Arkansas. There an elementary school taught me what I now call BRT (Benevolent Race Theory): that slavery was kind, paternal, and civilizing for slaves. It was a distorted view of race that took me years to … Continue reading

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Give me eyes that deracialize

People can’t be dividedInto superiorOr inferior.We all struggleIn our interior. Let’s give the clearance.There’s no needTo evaluate peopleBy natural appearance. See eyes.Brown, hazel or blue,Doesn’t matter.Also skinDoesn’t showWhat’s within. God give me eyesThat deracialize,That seeEverybodyAs equal to me. A colorful … Continue reading

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11 reasons why speaking out for racial justice is more Christian than leftist

These points show that racial justice is much more Christian than Marxist: The only supremacy in the New Testament is Christ supremacy. In Christ, the wall between races has been torn down. “There is neither Jew nor Gentile.” Galatians 3:28. … Continue reading

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The biblical CRT — Christian Race Transformation

When people don’t feel like they matter, shower them with kindness, until they do. Love and kindness are the fruit of the Spirit. We can’t have biblical Christianity without them. What peace there would be if everyone who claims to … Continue reading

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