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Who is a child of God?

Avoid spiritual identity theft. The Bible says: “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” (Romans 8:14.) Go God’s route. Be Spirit-led! To be led by the Spirit as a child of God is … Continue reading

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Revival causes people & churches to be Christ-enthralled

The world needs Christ-enthralled people. Be one. Let churches be filled with Jesus-thrilled people! Instead of stuffing God’s Spirit, let’s do Spirit-led stuff! If Jesus is the Head of a church, let Him literally run it! If not, quit pretending … Continue reading

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The ongoing Jesus-led gathering at Asbury University

A huge Jesus-led gathering has been going nonstop at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky for days! I’m so glad I got to be there for a while! On February 11 and 12 I was at the Asbury Revival. Here are … Continue reading

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Church should be windy!

Church needs to be windy — overflowing with the blowing of God’s Spirit. The stale air of this world needs to be refreshed by the windy city of God. Hierarchy and institutionalism take the wind out of the body of … Continue reading

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Jesus was glorified by interruptions!

Many of Jesus’ teachings, healings, and miracles were in response to interruptions. Perhaps by shutting down interruptions churches shut down Jesus. Roof altering (miracle manifesting) interruptions? (See Luke 5:17-26.) History shows that an eruption of revival and spiritual awakening will … Continue reading

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No co-pilot necessary!

Jesus is my pilot. I am His passenger. He doesn’t need a co-pilot. Jesus challenges religious people to open their heart to God and be real. He turns over tables and disrupts traditions. He calls all people to turn away … Continue reading

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Spirit-given & Spirit-taught words are seldom popular

Spirit-given (Mt. 10:19) and Spirit-taught (1 Cor. 2:13) words are powerful and burn in the heart of those who notice them. Being Spirit-led involves noticing, obeying, and speaking Spirit-given and Spirit-taught words, however, those words are seldom popular. Spirit-given and … Continue reading

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God’s route is Spirit-led

Christianity’s about Jesus and being led by His Spirit. Anyone or anything that gets more of your attention than Jesus blocks the way. Every Christian needs to learn to be led by God’s Spirit. There’s nothing routine about being Spirit-led! … Continue reading

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Christmas events & the Jesus-thrill!

The Christmas events are about people experiencing the Jesus-thrill. That’s the thrill that can last all life long and beyond! They proclaim that the Creator of the Universe was born as a human baby to lay down His life in … Continue reading

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For revival be Jesus-friendly (not seeker-friendly or Jesus-distancing)

The greatest hindrance to Christian revival and spiritual awakening is Jesus-distancing. If you’re often unaware of the presence and power of Jesus, you’ve been Jesus-distancing. Jesus-distancers do all they can to dodge Jesus but Jesus said, “Come unto Me,” not … Continue reading

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