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I saw a famous preacher humbly “step off the monologue” today

Today I witnessed a famous preacher lay down the religious monologue so that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be quenched. Jim Cymbala was to be the closing speaker at the New Room Conference 2022 today. The speaker before him gave an … Continue reading

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Letting go of religious crutches so you can walk with Jesus

When the risen Jesus is vibrant and living inside of you, you don’t need crutches. Let them go! It’s not surprising that unbelievers reject the resurrection of Jesus, but it’s shocking that so many Christians still cling to crutches and … Continue reading

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What good’s an unapplied sermon?

Christians are taught that simply listening to a sermon is good, yet continually hearing truth but not doing it is a bad thing. Sermons can be passively heard but discipleship requires actively doing what we’ve heard. Sermon-hearingWithout sermon-doingHas been the … Continue reading

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Sermon fatigue . . . can go on and on

A religiously informed mind without a transformed heart is counterfeit Christianity. Christians need more than a Sunday talk. We need to meet together, all listen to the risen Jesus, and then say and do what He tells us. Many Christians … Continue reading

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Get a head start. Let Jesus set up Heaven in your heart while you live.

Sermons are like: Tell me and I forget. Tell me and I forget. Tell me and I forget . . . Church over-emphasizes sermon-hearing but seems to ignore “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Sermons can help you imagine … Continue reading

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Religious bubble wrap can shrink wrap your relationship with God.

Don’t let religion shrink wrap your relationship with God. Show people religion and they get bored (at least after an hour). Show people the risen Jesus and they are captivated and transformed. Religion likes to interpret life. The risen Jesus … Continue reading

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When it comes to the Holy Spirit, always choose ALLOW

Jesus is here now (live and in person) but often church acts like He’s long gone. If you’re a Christian, don’t act like Jesus is dead. Instead let His presence continually transform and inspire you. Sometimes it feels like church … Continue reading

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Fast food Christianity or “new wine” tasting

Church should be a “new wine” tasting. “O taste and see that the Lord is good!” The Holy Spirit releases inner “rivers of living water,” “new wine,” & “fire” — God intoxication! When you’re inspired you feel prompted to proclaim … Continue reading

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