Tennessee Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota says . . .

Quotes by and about Tennessee Titan quarterback, Marcus Mariota:

“For me, it is a dream come true. It is an opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream, and I am looking forward to it.” Mariota

“God has taught me that I can trust in Him. No matter what–whether things are good or bad–I know I can always trust in Him. And that has really allowed me to go All In for Him.” –Marcus Mariota

“When I relentlessly pursue Christ, I put all my faith in Him to be able to play well and lead my team. With His power, we are able to pursue and play for His glory. We want to go out and show the world that Christ lives.” –MM

“When things start to get rough, you find comfort in your faith. Knowing that no matter what, you can dust yourself off and be okay.” –MM

“I’m looking forward to this challenge. Pressure to me is when you’re not prepared. For me, I’ve prepared myself for this moment.” –MM

“Marcus is a force on the football field and a force for Jesus Christ. His passion for the game matches his passion for his convictions, and it is wonderful to see him live out his faith both on and off the field. He is certainly an inspiration for many young athletes.” –Lee Steckel, President and CEO of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“Mariota has spoken about the influence of his Christian faith and Hawaii’s Aloha culture, both of which encourage humility and love. Christianity teaches its followers to humbly love and serve others and according to Hawaiian leadership expert Rosa Say, the Aloha culture includes values such as ‘Ohana, which is an appreciation for family and community whose interests you look out for and who look out for you too.” –Michael Lee Stallard

“Mariota has been very outspoken of his faith to the media. He always gives glory and praise to God to begin all his interviews and press conferences. Mariota will use his platform of playing in the NFL to glorify God, and I hope to see Mariota have a successful NFL career.”  –Caleb Luketic

“He doesn’t feel the need to make us aware of it, but he’s got this inner fire.” –Darnell Arceneaux / Mariota’s high school coach and former Utah quarterback

–Mariota was on the cover of Sports Illustrated this spring wearing his Titan’s uniform (8) and behind a headline that says, “Flash of the Titans.”

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2 Responses to Tennessee Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota says . . .

  1. David says:

    awesome quotes Steve!

  2. jppt1974 says:

    Marcus really will start day one and will be something else off the field. More than anybody can say about what TB took in that troublemaker of FSU former QB, Jameis Winston. Their coach, Lovie Smith will have a lot to keep him out of trouble.

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