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Remembrance or experience? (Does Advent add up?)

Remembering Jesus in the past and experiencing Him in the present are both vital to true Christianity. Jesus told His disciples that He would be in them and remain in them, but He also told them to remember Him. Why? … Continue reading

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Answer God’s questions. Why question them?

Does God ask questions? Yes. Too often we dodge His questions instead of answering them. Before God answers your questions, He may be waiting on you to answer His. When God asked, “Adam, where are you?” He wasn’t trying to … Continue reading

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It’s hard not to feel hopeless if you’re relying on anything but God

To ignore the presence of the alive and always active Jesus is to miss the essence of Christianity. The alive Jesus is everywhere. Since He’s not bound by place or time, He can live in and through you anytime and … Continue reading

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Faith isn’t blind belief (Experiential faith matters!)

I believe that many Christians go along with and repeat miracle stories too easily–without adequate evidence and without being fully convinced. They sometimes even use the phrase “Fake it till you make it,” to justify their stance. But is that … Continue reading

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Suddenly Phineas was right in front of me

I wanted to watch a movie last night, so I stopped at a Redbox and looked at dozens of movies, but nothing appealed to me. By a process of elimination, I settled for The Greatest Showman (which I had seen before … Continue reading

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Bland faith?

Christianity that fails to produce fire in your soul probably is something less that the real deal. Some people are afraid of blind faith, but I find bland faith far more frightening. Bland faith is powerless. Living faith opens eyes, transforms lives, … Continue reading

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The “shocking” power of Christ in you

Christ-followers have an external power source living inside them that can be activated by faith-filled surrender. However, Church too often trains people to have a passive mind and accept whatever a preacher or priest says, not to think and seek God. … Continue reading

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The vibrance of spiritually spontaneous Christianity

When Spirit-filled Christianity stops allowing spontaneity and succumbs to structure and systemization it soon gets stale. When every faithful Christ-follower is recognized as a priest of the living God, Christianity will be revolutionized! God’s voice, heard without ears, but with your … Continue reading

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Doin’ Da Crazy Bible Stuff–YouTube Channel

LET’S DO DA STUFF! — Miracles, loving your enemies, speaking in tongues, Dalton Georgia oil, salvation testimonies, giving thanks, healing the sick, gifts of the Spirit, virgin birth, hearing God’s voice, dreams and visions, and being crazy for Jesus. –Jay … Continue reading

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Be a fruity Christian

There’s no better stuff than the fruit of the Holy Spirit. But you often need to go out on a limb to get it. After all, that’s where the fruit grows. Are you ready to be a fruity Christian? “But the … Continue reading

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