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To connect heart-to-heart we have to open our heart

When Christ-followers open up to each other so the presence of Jesus can be seen in them, deep supernatural heart-connection instantly occurs. Religious words without heart-connection with Jesus and other Christians have little impact on people’s lives. Strangers who are … Continue reading

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My identity

Son of God have mercy on me.My identityIs Christ in me,Not what I feelOr what I want,Or what I see,But dailyLetting JesusDirect meFrom within,And livingBy His mercy. “Christ in you,” the inner Jesus, is infinitely more than a church service … Continue reading

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The Jesus revolution means power over demons!

The Jesus revolution is the daily fight to “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2. Every believer who has been inwardly changed by Christ still lives in this physical world that is under the influence … Continue reading

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Are there any “lay people”?

I don’t believe that there are any lay people. The Bible says that Christ-followers are “kings and priests.” The Protestant Reformers taught the priesthood of the believer (however, they weren’t very good at actually implementing it since they all established … Continue reading

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Make everyday a day of epiphany (and every church a place of epiphany)

A Christian’s heart should be full of fountains flowing and wide-open faucets running with rivers of Jesus’ living water. Is yours? If not, this might help: January 6 is called “The Day of Epiphany” by traditional churches. It celebrates the … Continue reading

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Has modern Western Christianity failed?

Message for 2023: It’s time to openly admit and repent for the failure of Christianity in America and the West in the 21st century! In 1904, Evan Roberts, a young Welshman, was greatly distressed by what he called “the failure … Continue reading

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Climb to the top of the cone

Unless youPursueJesus first,ReligiousPassivityWill subdueYou. People have a need to be heard. God is always listening but few church services allow any time for ordinary people to be heard. Christianity’s not about people lined up in seated passivity. It’s about active … Continue reading

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“Lazyanity”–the passive & comfortable Christianity

“Lazyanity” falsely believes that Christians stay afloat in life’s raging waves of temptation and corruption without treading water. Jesus is everywhere but instead of seeking and embracing demonstrations of His presence “lazyanity” settles into ceremony and routine. True grace makes … Continue reading

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The central weakness of organized Christianity

E. Stanley Jones who was an American Methodist missionary to India wrote: “This is the central weakness of organized Christianity—it preaches salvation through Christ, but not salvation in Christ.” He also wrote that it is an amazing discovery that people … Continue reading

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Reality Christianity gives TV (True Vision)

It’s time for reality Christianity where ordinary people follow and obey the living Jesus with honesty, humility, and holiness. Reality Christianity is the risen Jesus living inside and through ordinary people who follow and obey His inner promptings. Reality Christianity … Continue reading

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